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  1. Boba didnt die by the hand of a jedi... rather by the hand of a blind smuggler who knocked boba off the side of a hover-ship by accident into a sarlac pit Jango however got wiped out by a Jedi. One who no doubt once said "Hand me my lightsaber. Its the one that says bad muthaf***a on it"
  2. The bith scientist quest is finished... however its effects will come into play later in the game when you get a new party member
  3. Handmaiden also comments on Visas, and your responce will affect Handmaiden's influence.
  4. I'd rather not have a party member than have a wookie... I really hate wookies. Why couldnt Czerka just keep them enslaved like I told them to in KotOR 1?
  5. Malachor V was a horrible design, I agree. I couldnt but feel like it was a level right out of Hexen. Personally, I would have done something far more ominous if I were in charge of the level design. I probably would have had it be a MASSIVE valley (think grand canyon in depth and width of the canyon) with the area beneath expelling the green aura we could see from orbit, while you could have a CLEAR view of a rampaging storm above. At the mouth of the canyon would have been the temple, and the whole world would have felt like a world both dark and ominous, and very very dead. Such an area like along the side of canyon would have been good for a final confrontation between Hannaar and Mira, as when Hannarr is defeated, he is hanging onto the edge of the cliff, and Mira could have tried to save him only to have him be overcome with the idea of having to serve the lifedebt again and choose to just fall (similar to luke in Empire Strikes Back) or if you are playing Hannarr, he could have simply defeated her, and thrown her into the canyon, like the Emperor's fate in RotJ. (recreating moments like those in star wars is important I have to say, Peragus was very good level design also. I thought Telos was OK, though I would have rearranged it so Czerka, Exchange, Cantina, Ithorian, Medical Center, Shop, and TSF would have been in one large "hub" sector, a residence sector, and then the docking sector. Dantooine was well balanced, but my favorite planet had to be Onderon. The spaceport could have been made to feel more like a spaceport, but the city was well designed I think. I just wish there had been a couple more areas to it (like a residential area or more of a "market" feel to the center of the city) and some more quests definatly.
  6. G0-T0 can become "highly influenced" through his regular dialogue tree (which doesnt require you to leave the Ebon Hawk. Other characters are like this too, such as Visas, Handmaiden, and T3-M4)
  7. As some may know, KotOR 1 for the PC has a massive array of Mods, from some that let you wear the revan hooded cloak and mask to being able to return to Dantooine and fight the Sith invasion. I was curious if obsidian is intending to not officially condone any modifications, and whether they are planning to make the game much harder to modify.
  8. Dunno, you can describe it, but even if you choose the "it was unique..." option... well, its not a unique color or such; I found two lightsabers with such gems later on in the game.
  9. Bao-Hur: On Telos, at the Academy, when he, Kreia, and Anton are released from their cells, he appologizes for being knocked unconcious. Reassure him it is OK, and not his fault and influence will be gained (As will LS points I believe). T3-M4: When you free him from his cell on Telos at the academy, reassure him its OK he got captured and you will gain influence (And LS points I believe)
  10. Run around to behind the plants/desk until he loses his line of sight to you and therefore starts chasing. Plant a bunch of mines, lure him to them, and down he goes. Cheap, yea, but effective. Who said Dark Siders play by the rules anyway?
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