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  1. Am i the only one who encountered this, i doubt it but no1 nor the guide has mentoined it- Playing LS at the end kreia says i have trouble with this 1, i cant read her mind- points to mira. so mira is walking and hanhar is behind her and they duel it out (note i had mira become jedi) did any1 else have this occurr, why hasnt any1 said anything?
  2. well thanks for putting me to shame... i didnt think of that glitch either- i must try it sometime eh? I would give u all cookies but i only have 1 and i just ate it.....
  3. Well after beating this game i have come to the conclusion that lvl 25 is the cap. I havent seen any1 with higher lvl, i just finished with lvl 25. The reason i say this is because ememies do not reappear, once they are dead, they are dead (except maybe dxun) So though this has already been asked, has any1 reached 26? Plz be truthful, ill give u a cookie.....
  4. Well, i just beat the game, it took me 32 hours all side missions LS, after getting ALL of my party members to learn the force(that could) i then made sure to gain as much influence i could with every one, i did that. Then i made the strongest saber possilbe - 9 to 46 attack, beat that, Im posting this because i want to say my lasting impressions- this game i will remeber to be my top 5 fav games, though not nearly as good as the first 1, it almost did it. I LOVED the characters, storyline, voices, music, and yes sadly even the graphics- ive seen a lot worst. But the main reason im p
  5. Dotn listen to the jerk who said he beat the game read below to c what happens to BAstilla. SPOILERS From the guide itself-
  6. Well influence for me is easy, all the droids, etc etc even kreia is a piece of cake, but i am having most trouble with handmaiden. What does she want to hear to gain influence, also how about Atton before i was gaing his influnce but i have been slightly losing it recently.
  7. Guys im looking at the guide right now ATRIS IS THE THIRD SITH LORD dont listen to that bs that was just mentoined.
  8. As i am on Nar Shadaa, i have just gotten Bao Dur to become a jedi (look at my spoiler page for full list of jedi members), now he is a jedi badass, am i the first 1 to do this or has people done this and not mentioned it, also atton will become jedi today.
  9. If u r a male, after the visit at Atris Academy, she will be on your ship, be sure to speak to her at the academy for a nice EXP reward.
  10. Well thats kinda hard to explain about Darth Nihlus, he could be just some spirit or a person. I have no idea i havent read much of the strat guide except major things, but i do know he is the LORD OF HUNGER if that helps.
  11. Darth Nihlus is just 1 bad ass, he really cant speak as of now, when he speeks he screaches and when u defeat him he evaporates.
  12. Ok guys im back with more spoilers- WARNING ATRIS IS NOT BASTILLA SHE IS DARTH TRAYA CANDOROUS IS MANDALORE, 90% sure Bastilla is dead with Malak, im not there yet but u have a talk with their ghosts Kreai is a trader but not really, she used to be a sith, as movie shows, but she hates the force and wants you to kill her The disciple is only for women players while handmaiden is for male characters Handmaiden can be with Visas Marr No Apprentices Snow Lvl is Telos You lvl up fast There are a tr
  13. ok guys i am here to discuss spoilers with you all, i am almost done with the game and i also have the guide. so i will post HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE game spoilers on the bottom of this page, u have been warned. THIS IS NO JOKE IF U DONT WANT THE GAME RUINED FOR YOU, well not really, THEN JUST STAY AWAY. For example the identity to the third sith lord is at the bottom of the page, SO BE WARNED. I am posting them here since this is the spoiler page and not the game discussion page so if u scroll down dont get mad there are really good stuff down here. so dont
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