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  1. Just as an aside, but I read somewhere that there is a glitch with the airspeeder on Nar Shadda. If you repair it and then do something with unlocking its controls, you can repeatedly do it to get xp (I think the post said 300xp). Could be a complete lie, I don't have a save game that I can go check with. But if you really want to see how far you can go, may be worth a shot "
  2. I think you can have her open the door keeping the Jedi out, using the handprint thing. I did. Of course, I had first gone into the vent control room and opened every door (I don't know if that is required though). After opening the door to let in the Jedi, he/she should be able to take care of things....
  3. without a cheat/hack, you won't get above 27 (maybe 28). I don't know about a level cap, but there is a finite amount of xp (no respawns of enemies)
  4. Its not a big deal, but one of the Mandolorians on Dantooine refuses to recognize Mandalore as "Mandalore" and they fight (with your help, which makes for one very dead Mandalorian). The others with the now deceased blowhard agree to follow the new Mandalore (very ethusiastically too, lol).
  5. Where would I make some? Im at a part where I cant go back to the Ebon Hawk, and I wouldnt know where to go in the city. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are two merchants at the first area you land in. They have a quest though where you have to chose to support one over the other. I am pretty sure they both have med-packs for sale. If not, try lowering the game difficulty for the section you are stuck in.
  6. I don't remember what it's called, but Visas has it. Press in one of the thumbsticks to go into first person view to see it through her eyes. I have no idea if the PC can ever get it, but as a LS male (guardian/weaponmaster) I never got the power that I recall.
  7. Clearly very few people have expressed they agree with your opinion (in regards to the gaming experience). Why does anyone have to prove to you anything? Have you even finished the game? Twice? If so, what changed that makes you think this game has a great amount of replay value?
  8. No, I understand that Force Crush is something you can get as a DS user at one of the tombs (either Korriban or Dxun, I don't know which) Crush opposition was described as a reverse battle meditation in a post I read.
  9. If you have Mandalore in your party when talking to the various groups of Mandolorians outside of Dxun, he does have a specific line of conversation. I won't spoil it too far, but take him with you to visit the Mandolorians at the merc camp in Dantooine
  10. Theres a sith holocron inside that gets destroyed when you use the charges. There are also two footlockers with rather mundane items too (medpacks and some grenades for me, ymmv).
  11. I wasn't disappointed, but I do intend to buy it on the PC as well come Feb. Owning the first one for the PC, the graphic quality makes a BIG difference. That and I can use a char editor program to get around the finite xp problem, heh
  12. But there is a finite amount of xp you can get. No respawns... I got to a total of level 27 (split between base class and prestige), doing every quest I could (except two which broke) and killing every enemy I found (through the LS path). So, no cap but you can't go beyond 27 or 28 without a cheat/hack program
  13. Kreia did have a dialogue option as to why she did this. She hated the force, because she felt like her destiny was not her own (I am both infering and paraphraseing). She wanted to destroy the force, so she could in some way be free...I guess What I don't get is why or how anyone could "destroy" the force. Its supposed to exist because of life, right? So how could you hope to destroy all life? If thats true, then how could Kreia (and the Jedi Masters) delude themselves into thinking that the Force could ever be put/in any real danger...
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