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  1. Quick question not regarding this subject... Why is it when I visit the KOTOR II site I can see everything, but when I click "gameplay" or anything else, the screen doesnt change at all.
  2. the first time you go to dantooine or the second time? Also, is it a scripted skill every dark side player will learn or is it some side quest thing you must find on your own? (refering to the "special event" in the instruction book)
  3. Ya, so I've traveled to the Korriban temple in the Shyrack caves.. and force crush. I blew up the door to Unthar's (or whatever his name is) room in the Sith Academy and nothing. I went to the mysterious temple on Dxun.... nothing. *sigh*... WTF. Please anyone that learned the damn force spell please tell me how you learn it.
  4. I managed to blow up the door with the charges. The sith holocron is nothing but Bastila explaining where Darth Revan "went" and when he will be "returning." It's gay, because I thought the holocron teaches you how to do "force crush." SO.. I guess it's ok to say that it's pointless blowing the door up.
  5. Where do I learn force crush.....? I must know....
  6. Ya I know that... I'm wondering about the force power that enables you to see the alignment of other characters. Example, neutral characters and terrain will look white white and d/s characters red and l/s characters blue.
  7. I want force crush... I'm at the point of the game where I can choose a prestige class. I'm fully dark, do I choose the sith lord? Is "force crush" actually the three tier spell called "crush opposition I/II/III?" If you were playing LS, how do you learn that "force sight" spell where you can see the alignment of other characters? Also, do you get more force spells as you level up your prestige rank??? Lastly, the instruction book says you are able to acquire new force spells through "special events"... Anyone here know anything about these "event?"
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