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  1. if u got over 30...where did u get all the xp from
  2. i tlked to vogga once and he said he would supply feul for citadel station but when i tlk to ppl on telos they dont open convos about it and i donr get credit from gotos driod. is here sumtin esle i must do?
  3. i only use 1 save for a game so can ne 1 help me or am i screwed this game?
  4. i get visquis message but at same time i am walking into room of thugs, i must atk so i dont get the message. i go back to my ship...nothing. i leave planet and come back...nothing. i finish all other planets...nothing. i go solo to jek jek tar...nothing plz tell me wut i should do
  5. lol i kno how to create i have just nvr been able to create ne of these items
  6. i kno this but on the create screen i have nvr seen ne items that are upgardes, i have seen a ryyk blade and thats as far as my guys all go
  7. well i havent been able to make upgardes ever w/ ne character
  8. yer lol sith lord, jedi master, sith assasian, weopansmith, maruder and now wuts left
  9. taros? u mean telos or ru playing kotor1 which would be taris lol
  10. wut lvl were u able to get up 2? i got lvl 12 sith lord lvl 13 weopanmaster
  11. when visas came and i aksed about her sight i got to do it time after time so i got as much influence as i wnated
  12. how do u get him jedi? high influence? or is there sum 1 who approaches u like atton...plz chime in
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