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  1. Yeah well just did a new game on the dark side, and I cannot get the plot to progress from the Ebon Hawke to Talos, I give up guess I'll go play fable, never had no problems with KOTR1. Seems like they made a really crappy game for the xbox.
  2. Yeah I just started a dark side game, we'll see if I get stuck this time.
  3. I go to Atton he tells me to check the galaxy map. I go to the galaxy map and hit Telos, press A , jump back out of the galaxymap, go over talk to atton again, same thing tells me to check course on map. Go back to Keira, she tells me to go check on that fool atton. Go to T3 try and repair him, faliures failures. skill too low I guess, build 50 things on workbench, come back to atton, still telling me to check the map behind me, check map click Telos, nothing noghting...GRRRRR
  4. I've gone to the galaxy map and pressed on Talos like 30 times, still haven't arrived.
  5. I had 6 hours into the game to get to the ebon hawk and get on my way to Telos. Now for the last 3 hours I have been wandering around the ebon hawk, is there something I have to do to trigger the arrival to telos? I'm pretty sure I've talked to everyone and had every combination of dialog possible, and I just don't know why I can't arrive at telos, ready to give up here, is it a bug?
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