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  1. I conceed this point, but only in part having "bastila looks like she has something to say" pop up and remind you to talk to your party members is really not "character development", it is hand holding. Obsidian could of designed a better way to accomplish this.
  2. Here is one of my core points. Just because things happen that make you pose a question and it is not answered in a cut scene or what have you, does this make for bad interactive story telling, or does it further the genre but requiring the player to think and not just click? I'm not criticizing anyone about their views, but their approch.
  3. I read / heard somewhere that this series was much like the films, the story for KotOR III was written and ready but there was no way it could be done without doing other things first. Well that's sort of how the films ended up out of order, but anyways. Ending of KotOR I IMHO blew chunks. Either it way like a 80's GI Joe afterschool episode or it was cliche DOOMDOOMDOOM here come's the baddies to cause you all kinds of pain and sufering! The MANY plot threads left dangling there did not get this much outcry. but then again, I'm just one big walking cliche today so -- nightcleaver, getting back to my first rambling about the movies, if that rumor I heard / read is true then BioWare and Obsidian have things that they have to put into place for III. Having two different storytellers do the installments is pure genius is you think about the idea of the end game in being the third installment. The amount of matrial and "voices" that can be drawn from in speculation provide for, if executed well, an amasing title. I also think I went into this title knowing full well that the "voices" where going to be much different and knowing that I was not setting myself up for a big letdown when there was not Bindo wisecracks "12, no wait! 13!" in the background but "voices" that demanded to be listened too and looked after to be heard.
  4. *scratches head No, my life is far too busy to of put 80++ hours into this title in the last week. My playtime is not a relivent point in terms of accounted hours. In fact I believe that my taking it much slower than many people is primarly the point. I've noticed "issues" people have posted to this board I simply did not experiance. For instance, the whole speeder / power cell thing on Nar Shadda.
  5. I was very aware that the language I chose for my first post was indeed trollish, no, pure troll bait. However with the mild uproar over the last couple of days I felt that creating a good amount of contention on many levels would serve best in my attempt of getting people to look at the glass half full and not half empty when it comes to this title. I won't get into the $hit about my post count, so what if I have a single post before this reply? Who knows who I am? I could be sitting in Napa playing with a *real* lightsaber for all YOU know. Please, don't fling body waste around, stay on topic. Prove to me with your gaming experiance with this title that Obsidan really did screw up. My position is clear I feel, altho I will state it again; the story is emense. The plot is very well put together and the amount of replay value in this title is far beyond anything we've seen in quiet some time in any game. edit // I had the idea for my first post in my head when I picked my screen name, does that help any?
  6. After reading over the vast majority of this spoiler forum and the storyline forum I
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