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  1. First Of All , The Game is Awesome ! ( except this part ) now , after i get to the security door , i play mira , i passed the wookie and those lions or whatever they are . now i have 3 security doors infront of me , but after i get in to one of them ( i tried all three) she is 2 week i get killed every freaking time , i am at level 12 ( don't be shy to tell me it is 2 weak and because of it i can't win ) . i tried to run away from the guards and i found out that there is one high security door that leads to the tunnel but it is seald , also the doors to the tunnel control can't be opend . i also found some new secutiry that u can only open with the right fingerprint or hand . anyway , help me make my character stronger , or if you can tell which fellow to kill , or how do i get through it , it would be gr8 so that i may leave that charcter and get back to my favourite one . also , what is best for her , a mele weapon or a blaster ? thanks .
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