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  1. I thought he was a really good character. His back story also makes him more interesting than that of a typical mob boss. His voice actor also delivers his personality very well.
  2. You could engage in saber locks pretty frequently. And JA had better variety and moves in combat, it was an improvement in this most important of areas. Level design in JA was also more sensible, and allowed for less tidious levels. Outcast may have had the better narration but JA was the more enjoyable to play.
  3. JKA. It's a lot easier to get into, and overall just more fun. Mutiplayer also gives it more replay value. The combat wasn't just button mashing, if you explored it you'd find that it rewarded you for being creative. As for outcast it was IMO, a lot more tedious than JA. JA improved on the combat system bigtime, as well as level design.
  4. I don't see why Juhani has to be lesbian only because she a) Loved her female master b) had feelings for a female Revan. I think it's just a case of sisterly love and apprecation on the part of Juhani for a mother figure and a strong role model in Revan (being that she would be a fellow sister in the force). It doesn't have to extend into feelings with sexual connotations. As it is she only loves them, she isn't in love with them.
  5. It's Sion you have to convince to release the force not Nihilus. Nevertheless, one-on-one Revan has zero chance of walking away alive. There are other ways he could beat Nihilus but we are assuming this is Revan vs Nihilus in a one on one fight. This fight is like Spiderman (Revan) vs Braniac (Or any omega level baddie) no matter how popular spidey is, you can't help but recognize that in a one-on-one scenario Braniac would have the clear edge. Nihilus 'hunger' has the potency to stip an entire planet of the force, what is a single conventional force sensitive going to do in a man t
  6. Nihilus, as long as Nihilus has his 'hunger' Revan doesn't stand a chance in a one on one scenario. Also to clarify; Revan has never been a wound in the force, he merely lost his memory hence the reason he couldn't use the force consciously on Taris. Because Revan is a conventional force sensitive, he'd have a great disadvantage against Nihilus in a one-on-one fight.
  7. There goes your credibility Deathscepter. You counter by saying the Sith teachings are more important than the Sith arts, when it should be obvious that you can't practice the Sith arts without first learning the Sith teachings. Nihilus learnt and used the Sith teachings, even though he didn't care enough for them to spare the Sith or their legacy. I only write this because you countered my statement by sighting the importance of the teachings, but you forget Nihilus was taught and learnt the Sith arts already. It doesn't matter how you think a Sith Lord should regard the Sith teachin
  8. Yeah! Play nice. ) It was your silly argument in the first place, you should know how to defend that argument beyond: "he was not a Sith Lord because he didn't care about Sith teachings" arguments. So what?! He was still a damned Sith Lord and he still used the Sith arts.
  9. Still arguing in circles, eh Architect? It's like you're reciting to us Kotor 2 info. We've played the game no need for reciting. The point (with the Exile) is that he can be lightside or neutral as well as being DS, so saying he is a Sith Lord is not appropriate for me in this case. Nihilus however is Darth Nihilus and only Darth Nihilus. The Exile is not definitively identified as a Sith Lord, while Nihilus is.
  10. I didn't put the Exile on my list primarily because it isn't a given that he becomes Sith and even so, he did not get his title through the Sith but merely through his knowledge of the dark side and Sith arts. The Exile can be a Jedi just as much as he can be a Sith and even so Kreia mentions that he is not trully Sith in the DS ending. Nihilus on the other hand is Sith and only Sith. He identifies himself and is identified as a Sith Lord within the game. Secondly if Malak or any Sith became charitable and compassionate it doesn't disqualify them from being Sith. What would disqualify them
  11. So what you're saying in effect is that for you to classify character X as a Sith Lord, he must be a run-of-the-mill megalomaniac of sorts? Again, there is no set criteria that determines a Sith character. Some seek galactic supremacy, some merely seek knowledge, some even believe they are heroes, others like Nihilus believe the galaxy is only good for one thing at that's destruction. The point is: for Nihilus to be a unique Sith character, he has to have a distinctive charecteristic and as a result, the nature of his power is made different from other Sith. It comes down to artisti
  12. It's too bad that criteria has nothing to do with an author creating a Sith Lord character within his LA licensed story <sacarsm>. Nihilus IS a Sith Lord, and there is no set criteria for determining a Sith Lord's character.
  13. At the end of the day their is no set criteria that determines what is or isn't a Sith Lord once the authors have already designated the title ('Sith Lord') to their characters. Nihilus became a Sith and died, a planet-eating Sith Lord.
  14. Also, Architect if you understood the depth of a Sith's dedication to acquire power, you wouldn't be scratching your head over Nihilus' actions. Nihilus became so inhuman that he no longer cared for the teachings of the group he affiliated himself with. You have tried to argue that Nihilus is not a Sith Lord in Kotor 2, but you forget that nothing disqualifies him from the title 'Sith Lord', unless he denounces the title or turns from the dark side, 2 things Nihilus didn't do.
  15. Umm... None of you have challenged my points. First of all, Nihilus is what he is because of the force, his 'hunger' is a manifestation of the dark side of the force, so he is subject to the will of the force. And yes, the Sith doctrine stresses freedom from all things even the will of the force, but that itself is almost impossible to achieve. No Sith has ever escaped the will of the force. The only person who ever had a chance from breaking away from the will of the force had to loose his connection to it. My point? The Sith are subject to the force, as long as they depend on it, as long
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