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  1. Why, the length was perfectly OK for me. Its not a Baldurs Gate or something like that. Making anything in a 3D game is substantly more work than for a 2D game, thus the overall game will be shorter. The Outer Worlds has great graphics, so a Baldurs Gate length saga is not going to happen with that. Its about SWKotOR in scope, which is cool. SWKotOR didnt looked this good. What I find disappointing is for example the rulesystem. Its just too generic and flat. There need to be more real choices which result in more different characters, so we get more replayability. For example, t
  2. Why, definitely too much Mass Effect, yes. I already find the quite microscopic control you have over your party in SWKotOR very annoying, but The Outer Worlds is only even worse. Basically you watch your party dying all the time and then you have to finish solo.
  3. AFAIK the only real problem of SWKotoR2 was that Obsidian didnt get sufficient development time, so we got an unfinished game.
  4. Well - and whats so important about switching the setting around ? I like to have a wide variety of locations and an ambundance of classes and character customization. Such things are best in classic fantasy games. I dont oppose other settings if they have the same, but typically they are much simpler than the classic stuff. Yeah its nice for a change, but its not nice on the long run. For example, KotoR1 had the ambundance of, gasp, the unbelievable ambundance of 3 classes for each non-jedi and jedi. Both 3 classes where more or less the classic fighter, rogue and wizard. But KotoR2 t
  5. Well, what do you think about the idea ? As Bioware is now doing it, and now enjoys much greater artistic freedom. Of course it has its problems. But maybe Obsidian could get the DA rulesystem and do their own, independent setting with it. And they probably could stay vague and generic, and concentrate more on things like making combat interesting. OTOH seeing how much work they put into NWN2 to make D&D "alive", maybe thats the wrong direction. Maybe its a good thing they get some external lore into their games ?
  6. Well ... you probably need a more complex rulesystem, than KotoR2 offers, to really have fun in the long run. The possible configurations for NWN2, for example, are overwhelming.
  7. Well, I would love to see it that, in KotoR3, you would be able to build lightsabers as you need them and not have to find them.
  8. If one has the lightsabers for it, and has enough crystals and updates for it, of course long in main and short in offhand. The smaller damage from the long and short lightsaber matters little with full updates, as the difference is so small and the doubled critical range makes up for it, or makes more than up for it, especially when you use the Critical Strike style. For Power Attack, its likewise - for this style you should also absolutely use keen weapons. Otherwise, the dualbladed lightsaber is the best option.
  9. Why is Revan in the list, but not the Excile ?? The Excile can be played darkside, too !
  10. Oh, ok, that I understood too. With a certain delay of course, but still. Its not even EXPLAINED why he doesn't speak in a normal way.
  11. Lady Di doesn't appear in this game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> By Di he means Diciple. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Really ? I had SO no idea ! :D (tipp: check the smiley I used above) Well, you have to battle her 3 times, and for the last time you have to be level 18 yourself. Handmaiden herself can stay at level 6 however... ok... I'm still stuck at the point where I have to decide about my first planet in the 2nd walkthrough, because I have started to play NWN2 instead - so I don't know for sure if you can avoid leveling her above 6 before jedifying her, but thats what I'll
  12. I have no idea who is the best Jedi. I only jedi-fied Handmaiden and sadly I had not hold her levels so she was always uber short at forcepowers and forcepoints. Lady Di doesn't appear in this game. You HAVE heard about holding levels, right ?
  13. They are neither big villains. Nihilus destroys whole planets, yes. But he does so almost in secret. As far as it is possible to destroy whole planets in secret, that is. Otherwise he's just "somewhere out there" trying to avoid any notice of himself. Sion, well, his only ambition seem to hunt down the Excile. Otherwise he seem to have no plans whatsoever. A big villain is someone who has a big ambition. Neither Nihilus nor Sion have any real ambition.
  14. Woa, now Bao-Dur is one of my favs. If I would do a gang of my favs, it would probably be Handmaiden and Bao-Dur.
  15. Whats the point ? The most hated is G0-T0, thats common knowledge. Just the way he gets FORCED on you "you cannot get rid of me, I have a builtin bomb blablabla". Pfft.
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