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  1. yeh if they do release a star wars lightsaber combat game like star wars jedi academy or something, it should be total fun!! The only problem with tht would tht it would be quite dangerous and restricted....if you think about it, imagine a two player game like that, two people swinging their remotes around.......
  2. How is revan so low on votes...????!!!Revan was so strong and powerful and he.....basically before Bane, Traya, Palpatine, he was the sith lord and was often reffered to as the heart of the force...Revan gets my vote
  3. I recently downloaded a mod tht gives you Revans Robes, all you have to do is put it into your override folder and then in the game put into the cheat panel: giveitem a_robe_27, but every time i do this im getting Jolees Robes....I need to know if i am doing something wrong..?
  4. Force Crush is the most powerful but force storm is so much cooler!
  5. Go on Nihlius, sion can revive himself but nihlius would keep hitting him down again!!
  6. Xbox modding in the U.S is illegal? i never knew that but i am not in the us i am in the uk
  7. I have an xbox and i was wonderin...if you could get xbx mods for kotor 2 and if yes how?
  8. i would say that atton is a better jedi cos he's a jedi sentinel
  9. i would say that the jedi conular is probably the best to choose
  10. The Hssiss spawn pint i amazing!It's worth starting again to o it 'cos youcan go up lots of levels
  11. Can you have hooded robes in kotor 2 or do you just have to bear with the normal crappy ones?
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