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  1. Who do think is the best NPC jedi and why??
  2. taris was more fun so i chose that. look TARIS 1. Racing 2. arena fighting 3. side quests PERAGUS 1. boring 2. kreia talking 3. only droids to fight 4. no side quests
  3. I chose Uthar because he is just hard if you don't fight him with the girl. You forgot the jedi master you fight in Dantooine on Kotor 2. Or else I would have chose him.
  4. use what i did, force crush! the force power that you get when you are full dark and kill all the jedi counsol. (this is only if you are dark side)
  5. I was like full dark almost and I said something and somehow I got mira to be in my party. I had to kill Hanharr in the pit. I made her a very dark jedi. She looks really cool also as a dark jedi!
  6. is anyone mad that there are rarely any single sabers in the game? In K1 ther were sabers everywhere. I kept remember playing and getting mad because i wanted to dual wield sabers but had to use one regular and one short. There happens to be many double and short everywhere though.
  7. This happens alot. I read the subtitles. And the character will say something that is not on the subtitles. It is weird!
  8. OK what I did was when the 3 sabers are chasing you just keep running around. Eventually they will get stuck at the pillars, at least 2 of them will. Then go to Kreia and attack her. She won't attack back, i think!
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