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  1. Are all the mods retroactive? Like if I install a mod that changes skill gain in between a playthrough, will it affect all the previous levels?
  2. Finesse(melee): Vibroblades, unarmed, metallic stuff only. Finesse(lightsabers): Lightsabers only.
  3. How many of you use game changing mods? Like mods that change feat gain, damage, BABs, etc. If so, which ones? If not, why not? I currently use a combination of: ReBalance, Crazy ReBalance from Team Gizka Super Enchanced, Super Enhanced Add On, Ultimate Sounds by Shen downloaded from filefront. The Team Gizka ones make the BABs for all the sentinels and spinoffs lowered to 3/4BAB and Counselor are down to 1/2BAB(I think), starting characters get 4 feats, all skills are class skills. The Shen one makes lightsaber damage 42-60 or something. And blasters do 40+ damage as well. And a certain crystal gives instant death to enemies, and a host of other stuff. It's nice from a lore prespective where blasters do kill on instant hit, but for the game it just make it weird. The very first opponent I see the killed me with 1 blaster shot instantly... for 3 times in a row. It feels nice at first, but seems to 'ruin' the game
  4. Q1) Just the vibroblade. It includes unarmed as well. Q2) nope.
  5. I put one point in Close Combat (because I'm using a gunslinger guy) but the moment I got my prestige class of Sith Marauder, the feat disappeared. Is this normal? I was Jedi Sentinel
  6. When you go back to the start at the medical console and use the security spike on the computer, it says the medication was administered from console 34-103, and that the PC doesn't know where it is. So, where is this console?
  7. MMmmm yes! She's onlly a bit off light side mastery. And in reply to Darth Mortis, I've completed Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa, and just finished the first part of Dxun/Onderon. So now I can only go to Korriban. I'm level 23 now.
  8. I did, I did! I did talk to Kreia about her mommy. Horrible, horrible game.
  9. I've sparred with her thrice. And following, you tell her to put on some clothes, and she puts on her mother's, then follow the line of conversation, and she'll become a Jedi ...... not. The conversation ends with "[Failure] I have not seen your stance, your heart, etc..." So, I'm concluding that there must be a lack of influence. But, at the specific places where I'm supposed to gain influence... none. Also, when I start the conversation "I wanted to talk to you about Atris." it becomes [influence: Failure] So then, I think it's because I held back her levels and she's pissed off because of that. I leveled her up, and... nope. By the way, must the 'ask about mommy's robes -> become jedi' sequence be said in the Ebon Hawk?
  10. It's the first time I've seen this quest title. And it's says something about the Enclave, the Jedi Civil War and having serious repercussions down the path. Does anyone know how to solve this quest?
  11. I tried pure force user, in the end, it became boring to me. Guess I'm more of a melee person.
  12. Base strength at 16-18? At character creation? What about other stats?
  13. Has anyone tried the "The Total Defensive Character Build" proposed by Happywalrus in Dan Simpson's guide? It says to use Sentinel/Weaponmaster and devoting everything, if not most, in Dexterity and Wisdom and taking Finesse: Lightsabers with tons of defense buff spells, and massive Blaster Deflection crystals. Has anyone tried this or something akin to this build? Did you leave everything else at base( and just pumped Dex and Wisdom, or everything else at 10 and pump Dex and Wisdom? Or something else?
  14. Actually, if you're LS, you can use the Quxoni crystal if you put your personal crystal in there as well.
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