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  1. Ok just casue i like to toss stuff up because we are both seerers of visions wether they are good or bad we are forced to see visions we dont want to see but are made to see wether we like it or not but we can prevent these visions by re writing these bad visions re visulizing them into good visions practice does make perfect though and i am a perfect sith enf said ^_^
  2. I went to all the troble to get the crystal from the woman in the cantina the rare one (crystal starts with Q) I got it upgraded my lightsaber I built myself not vissas with the Q crystal now I can't use my lightsaber why is this? I tryed switching it to vissas short lightsaber same problem cant eqipt to the leader of my party why does this keep happening what do I need to fix this whats casueing the problem ??? please help me. :'(
  3. Kool sounds like a job for HK-47 with the mandalorian assult rifle sweet or what which sells for 99some points but got it for nothing from mandalore :joy:
  4. what all do i need to do to complete all things i need to do on dantooine ? so that i may go to nar shaddaa and get the pasifist package from greeda. I love HK-47
  5. what all do i need to do to complete all things i need to do on onderon ? so that i may get the pasifist package from greeda I got HK-47 working first time after playing the game until it glitched upteen times yeah go me :joy:
  6. need to know where the sellers of the lightsaber parts are located, locations of the lightsaber parts,the planets that the lightsabers parts are located on please help me! all in that order thanks :blink:I love kotor2&1 :joy:
  7. need to know where the parts are who sells them, the locations of each of the parts on the planet ,the planets where each of the parts are on . In each of that order please help me !
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