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  1. I SOLVED MY OWN PROBLEM..no thanks to you guys. I tried to fight the Handmaidens, but gave up after failing to best all of them. For whatever reason, Kriea and Atton were no longer in my party and the Party Selection screen would let me add them. So, when I boarded the Hawk, I think the game could reconcile the fact that the next cut scene cointain both of those characters and glitched. I restarted the Secret Academy, did not fight the handmaidens and was able to proceed unfettered. May the force be with me...forget you.
  2. How come you can control most anything about being a Jedi from appearance to performance except the hilt of the lightsaber? Hell, in Jedi Academy you choose the hilt! What kind of hilt would you choose? Ever since I saw Luke Skywalker's green saber, I've always thought, "a cheap flashlight looks better designed that thing!" Then in the Ep. I-III, it seemed odd to me that an organization like the Jedi that recruits beings from across the galaxy, who all make their own lightsabers, end up making, more or less the same lightsaber. I know there are differences, I have the Visual Dictionary series, but Dooku's blade is the only one I could describe as being "different".
  3. KotOR I, when I have time for a more involved SW experience Battlefront II, for a quick hack and slash Jedi game - (Instant Action -> Tatoinne -> Assault = All-Hero Demolition Derby)
  4. I've finished Telos, Dantoinne, and Dxun/Onderan and I still don't have any Jedi robes, although I have a TON of armor. Where can I buy/find a Jedi robe with good modifiers, the item randomizer doesn't seem to be helping me out? I know there was a scavenger on Dantoinne that sold some but they were way to expensive at the time. I have since bought a Padawan robe at Iziz but I know I'll need something more substantial.
  5. I have just finished Telos and boarded the Ebon Hawk, now there is a black out. I can't see a darn thing, I can here my footsteps and the ambient noise from the Hawk, but the screen is completely black except for my mouse cursor. The map is completely white, so there is now way to get to the galaxy map and travel anywhere! My PC exceeds the game requirements in every respect and I have the latest updates. I have to say that this is the most bug-ridden game I have ever played. Is there anyone who can help? or should I just give up and get an XBox?
  6. I'm trying to take out the last group of mercs on Telos and I constantly get killed. I've been trying to lure them into the hall way so they can't all fire on me at once. Any suggestions? Also, why am I alone? After Chodo heals me, my party is gone with no explanation! Is this right?
  7. My PC exceeds all the system requirements for KotOR II but as I play the Telos level, I crashes on roughly every 3rd load screen. I'm at the point where I save the game before every load screen and there are a lot of load scenes on Telos!! Can I expect this hassle the rest of the game? If so I'm quitting right now! And, yes, I have updated the game to the most current version.
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