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  1. My Male Reven was Brett Jos. My Female Exile Was Terrin Greenstar
  2. I love Reven's outfit. He looks like a slayer.
  3. Jerec kicked ass. I like em all. I voted Darth Traya because she talks to much.
  4. I like Malak. I just hate how he can talk with no jaw or tounge.
  5. So if you kill all the jedi, you get the options of Sith Lord, Sith Maurder, and the other Sith? And if you don't than it's Jedi Master, Jedi Watchman, and Jedi Wepons master? I'm confused.
  6. Ok I have almost completed Onderon/Dxun, but when I go back on the ship Atton is supposed to tell me something about a messege, right? But since it's my second mission Vias came and Atton never told me about the messege! Is this just a major glitch, or do I have to do something?
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