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  1. ^^ You better change your avatar if you know what's good for you... j/k -Ben
  2. Peragus was definitely a favorite of mine. The sequence of events was great: player wakes up after weeks in the kolto tank to find that there's no one there but the old woman you brought with you, some thug in a prison, and dozens of droids trying to kill you. Unraveling the mystery, you realize that you've been -Ben
  3. Couldn't we just edit the portrait models and add a hood on them? Granted it would show independent of whichever clothing the player wears, but the effect would be there for us to take glorious screenies of -Ben
  4. That sounds like a big extrapolation on your part, Volourn. Dare I say it was an 'if'? If Obsidian had more time, you know what they would have done with it; added the Droid planet, HK factory, character depth/endings... I'd bet M V would have been a lot better designed, too, seeing as how it was towards the end and the need to rush the game was more evident. -Ben
  5. Sorry, dude, but the K1 engine was a modified version of Bioware's previously built Aurora engine. They didn't create a new engine from scratch for K1. Obsidian didn't have enough time, is all. I'm completely confident and convinced that if they had as much time as Bioware had (engine tweaking aside), TSL would have easily over-shadowed its predecessor. -Ben
  6. Malak did have the skin taint. Compared to the cinematic of him and Revan entering the ruins on Dantooie, Malak's skin is clearly pale gray. I'm guessing DS Bastila didn't have any changes because she newly fell. I imagine the skin alterations take time. -Ben
  7. Is it just me, or is Outer Rim being mistaken with Unknown Regions? -Ben
  8. I don't remember Kreia ever saying that Revan was her padawan, until that she was a master to Revan. When was I supposed to hear this? -Ben
  9. Maybe she could build\disable force bonds at will? That way, she simply chose to spare the Exile in the very end. -Ben
  10. All throughout the game we repeatedly hear of the Force bond that builds between Kreia and the Exile. We learn that if Kreia or the Exile is wounded, maimed, or even dies, that same pain is inflicted on the other. So, why doesn't the Exile ? Here's my theory. We know that Kreia , which she could have done. Do you suppose that maybe the Force forgave the Exile and wiped away his bond with her when she died, his redemption for saving the Force? Just a thought I had. -Ben
  11. On-Topic: ^ Agreed. What would the options be? 1. Yes, Kreia is Kae. 2. No, Kreia and Kae are two different people. 3. SHUT UP ALREADY!!! -Ben
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