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  1. The game was a severely mind-blowing disappointment. I will never play the wretched thing again in this lifetime. I wish I had an XBOX, at least then I could have just rented the game without being stuck with something that's going to collect dust until I move again (even though the XBOX undoubtedly would end up the same, regardless...wretched piece of microsoft crap!). Anyway, I just saw Revenge of the Sith the day after it came out... and I laugh at this game and all other Star Wars games, how inaccurate they are, how based on the so-called "Expanded Universe" *PA-TOOEY!* *BLECH!* *PUKE!* Who reads that garbage? Lucas just makes a point in debunking all of it... Sith are deformed by the Dark Side? Bah! Only Darth Sidious, and it was an extreme event that brought about his deformation... Vader wasn't in his suit because the dark side deformed him... he was in it because Obi-Wan @*#&'ed him up! FOOLS!
  2. Never have I felt so cheated and hollow. <-- Drama But seriously, wtf was that? The ebon hawk was clearly trashed when it "landed" on Malachor V, and then suddenly it flies off as the planet falls apart like a pile of cigarette ashes? And that's your ending? WTF!? And the sad thing is, that was the light side ending. I'm afraid to ask how the dark side ending goes, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's the exact same ending! BAH! And what was with Kreia having her back to me the entire time during that final battle scene? So... retarded. Obsidian... Youuuu SUCK!!!!
  3. I've seen this question here many times, and I can't even remember what I read. And apparently I'm no good with the search engine, either, because I'm a stupid git. Can someone help me out here?
  4. I finished as both in the original KOTOR, and I think they were both equally good. But I have yet to finish the game, and I am still seeing all these posts about how people wish they'd restore the original ending, but I don't know what they're talking about because I've just now gotten off of Telos! (yes, I don't even have a lightsaber yet). What can I say? It's very difficult to play an RPG after you've moved in with a woman Glad she doesn't know I post here. Anyway, which was more fun for you? So far as I can tell, the Exile has every right to fall to the dark side! But there's always two sides to the story isn't there... Atris really got on my nerves, self righteous wench! But no, I decided to be good, so that's what I'm doing now. But I will play through a second time... I just wonder if I should have been evil the first time through.
  5. Funny, this. George Lucas kept pronouncing Count Dooku, "Count Doe-Koo" in the little extras section of the AoTC DVD. Did he even write this movie? And I am saying this because, if he has anything to do with Lucas Arts--and he should, I mean, it's HIS name they're using--that would explain a lot, wouldn't it?
  6. I thought they were the same as the original KOTOR. That is why I asked, though. I mean, if you're a LS consular/jedi master, that's +6 to Wisdom. I think that's way better than +100 force points, because the light sider would get more force points anyway, with the added bonus that their powers would be harder to resist, a +3 to their force powers' DC. But if HK gave a +3 to Wisdom that would even out, but I guess he doesn't. I know T3 gives a +1 to Wisdom, I just wasn't sure what HK-47 did for ya. Thanks, though!
  7. I know if you get enough influence with HK-47, he'll permenantly boost your stats, but which ones does he boost? Because if you don't go light, you don't get the +3 to your stats for light side mastery, so maybe this was put in the game to balance that out for dark siders... but what stats go up?
  8. Hey thanks for all the responses, guys! I'm sad to say that the developers of this game seem to be ignoring us, but you can always count on your fellow gamers for help.
  9. The reason I ask is, in the first KOTOR, Darth Malak's saving throws were overpowered. Unless you started out with -8 in everything but Wisdom and Charisma, you couldn't get a Force Kill or anything to work on him (and by the way, I am speaking of being a Consular)... seems to me that Guardians were favored in the first game, even though I was able to tear apart everything else in the game with ease using Force Storm... Anyway, I am playing a Consular in KOTOR II now, and I am thinking, perhaps this was a mistake? Maybe I should have focused on lightsaber combat. Did any Consular/Jedi Master/Sith Lords here have trouble finishing the game? Or should I become a Jedi Weapon Master at level 15? I hear Consular/Jedi Weapon Masters are a powerful combination. Can someone tell me what the advantages/disadvantages are? Thanks.
  10. It was the same in the first KOTOR. Most (though not all) of the "evil" dialogue options, well... they just weren't very subtle, what can I say? They made my character into the stereotypical bad guy the likes of Blob or Sabertooth, LOL! People were saying the exact same things about KOTOR in the Bioware forums, and I was assuming that KOTOR II would be much improved in that area. I was wrong. But then again, I've been seeing the "KOTOR II Patch Coming Soon!" message for God only knows how long.
  11. For instance, I know if you play a light-side male, Handmaiden will teach you "Battle Precognition", which adds your Wisdom modifier to your Defense (and that the Exile's personal saber crystal adds something like +7 to wisdom when it is upgraded to the 9th level, but only if you're light-side; +7 to charisma if you're dark-side, so...). What about permenant bonuses to your attributes? I read something like you can get a +1 to your wisdom if you upgraded T3-M4... how is this done? What do you need to accomplish this? Is that the only time this happens in the game? Ah, maybe it would be easier if there were a list of things you can get from your party members, and how to go about getting them... and by "things" I mean powers, like Handmaiden's Battle Precognition, items, and bonuses to your skills or stats... I'd also like to know more about saber forms. I haven't really gotten far into this game, but I read something about a form that increases the damage of force powers by about 60% while lowering the cost of all force powers down to 20%. Is there a list of forms and what class you have to be to get them? I assume the one I just described would only be available to jedi masters/sith lords, but who knows... Thanks!
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