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  1. If Goto would be in a poll like this again then it would just be the same poll again - with goto winning with a 90% votes. So let's just assume this is a '2nd worst companion' or 'worst from the companions most of us actually use' poll
  2. "I would understand if the Nihilus build was a female build, because in Kotor females stand juxtaposed with a hip higher, but..." ...but so does Darth Bandon
  3. Funny how in K2 you have like 3 times less pazaak players than in K1, same with shops. Wonder why...
  4. And let's not forget what some of us think to open this debate once again. "Kreia is a stupid old hag" (w00t)
  5. "more ways to murder Visas" I'd be overjoyed if it had been "more ways to kill Kreia" like... before the Jedi Enclave on DS so that she doesn't actually want to die yet not like Yipee! I've killed the old hag at last! and she goes "it is done at last! it is as I wanted! Even my death here was what I wanted" Give me a break - it even seems like everytime the Exile goes to the toilet Kreia goes 'I even predicted this!' But enough about that - anyway it's good to see that they're not only giving us new stuff - they're also fixing all the bugs in K2!
  6. Obviously something just as how the waters in the room of a thousand fountains stopped to flow or something like that after it seemed like the end of the Jedi - the same with the Jedi Enclave - the thing rebulit itself! (w00t)
  7. Eeh... can I help a bit? Cuz it seems like there are several minor issues (not assigned yet which can be easily fixed): 0000601: Twi'lek servant ignores you This would be simply done by making the listener of the node [she ignores you] the target at which she is looking at at the beginning. Of course also you would then have to change Vogga's dialogue where she says that he's sleeping so that when she stops talking she'll face the direction she was facing all the time before she actually said the "My master is sleeping right now" Other than that she also talks when you enter Vogga's place the first time. 0000688: No influence for Mandalore when recruiting Mandalorians on Dantooine This isn't too tough to fix now is it :D Well actually you don't do anything there to help Mandalore though without you bringing him for the ride he wouldn't have found them ) 0000675: High Stakes Quest - Luxa and Doton I'd add a entry which checks if the quest is available and if it is then 2 replies "I'll be going now" OR "Blablabla... Doton" :D the other entry is of course simply ending the dialogue. 0000628: Zherron's 'Cave Crawling' quest unclosable Actually the real thing lacking is that quest in Zherron's 'when second in command' dialogue - you CAN finish the Claim-Quest after the 'Changing of the Guard' quest. So all we need is a Reply which sends us to a conversation which can make this quest closable. BTW I do know that the real problem is checking if the fix really works plus if one dialogue has many bugs they all need to be put together fixed in a single one )
  8. Well it depends on who you might call a "Sith". If one who uses the Dark Side to achieve his goals then Traya is Sith. If being Sith is about power and rule over the galaxy then the moment Traya stops being a Sith is when Nihilus does the super force push on her (w00t) Anyway - Nihilus at first seems the most powerful though he was outsmarted by yet another Sith - Traya, who made him fight the Exile - who is the only one who Nihilus could not drain. Power is the influence one has on something. Traya's feat was manipulation - she had the power to use someone elses power :D plus she had some of her own power like Force Lightsaber wielding and the Ultra Life Drain (w00t) - but seriously in K2 you see her presenting the most power. The only moment she gets owned is when Sion beats the s**t out of her though it looks like she outsmarted them by 'acting dead' cuz I don't see any reason why they'd leave her alive. Revan - we don't know much of his true power and the whole why he built his own Sith Empire and if it even worked exactly how he planned. If everything works out just as he planned then he is as powerful as Traya or even more. Nihilus - is a slave of his own power powerful? He's like a giant hungry dinosaur having no equal in the jungle just that he sufferes hunger all the time so he must eat other creatures. So he does what he wants to because he is hungry... but does he want to be hungry? Atris? But I thought Atris had gone to Katarr. (w00t) (w00t) Malak? Without Revan he'd have nothing. He'd be nothing Sion? He has like... the power to hold himself together and that's about it <_< Bandon? Like someone already noticed - he's only good for pushing Sith Troopers that happen to be on his way :D
  9. I guess someone (donno if he/she was from team gizka so I could be wrong) wrote that it depends on your influence with both. IMO just that some girl wants me more than the other doesn't mean I want her and not the other eh? :D So if it's infulence that decides then I'm gonna mod it so that I can choose which I like more :D
  10. You know... when modding Kotor I ussually have also tons of papers with coords. Seeing as what you are working on and what I was doing (only a couple of changes like DS way to kill Chundar and stuff ) ) I can see why your notes look quite like a mess :D
  11. ABOUT LOYALTY Loyal means seeying things your way and if not giving your suggestions - ultimately agreeing to do your will one way or the other trusting in your wisdom and decisions (not always though that should be the definition of "super loyal"). Kreia is nothing like that. Whatever you do (read - 'you dialog options don't allow you') Kreia doesn't agree with your perspective on the world and making decisions. She uses the tactic "follow in order to lead" when whatever you do leads to the same conclusion in the game. KREIA IS DS or LS? BTW She made you powerful because in the end she regrets teaching the sith on Malachor and falling to the dark side, wants the Exile to deal with the Sith threat but doesn't think the current weak jedi can stand against the true sith and finally needs to die because is to dangerous to fall to the dark side again. As she herself admits on Korriban - she is very fragile to it. Kreia wants to save the galaxy and in the end is a LS char sacrificing herself and making the Exile stronger for it. KREIA A GOOD DEVELOPED CHARACTER? A great character but to build such one in an RPG you have to limit the roles of other characters (what hurts is that the main one suffers from it) and to make her unique - not allowing anyone to agree with her perspective (limits in dialog options here) plus to show her smarts making everyone dumb (limits in smart dialog options for the exile). That's my opinion on the great Kreia topic )
  12. Nope. They couldn't do that because after doing sth smart like Gain influence+DS with a LS char wouldn't leave any place for Kreia to put her 2 cents in. Moreover such actions are told to be "Manipulative" and the Exile couldn't have had them because that would bring competition to Kreia. Starting the game with the thought "the Exile is dumb and doesn't know anything about manipulation and the gray side" makes it alot easier to accept the dialog options you are given. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> <_< i say we kick out kreia <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If Atris had more of these voiced lines about being Darth Traya... it would definitely be possible to do that or at least weaken her role
  13. I first wanted to say "oh crap cuz of me now Bao got like 10 votes more than anyone else though he tried to blow up Malachor with the Exile on it" BEEP wrong answer Bao was loyal but there is still the text "Once the sequence has begun, it cannot be stopped, so make sure the General is off the planet before triggering the sequence. Otherwise, there will be no retreat." if you're DS. Which means that the Exile didn't tell Bao he wants to leave Malachor intact (?) Donno. However the whole Remote quest should not be there if the Exile is DS IMO. EDIT: Which leaves Bao as most loyal character for a good reason )
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