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  1. @Jahus The development of Pure Pazaak seems to be terminated. If you would like to play Pazaak, you can try Pazaak Cantina: http://www.pazaak.org/play
  2. What the Font returned the following: Dialog font: ITC Blair Bold Blair Bold Menu font: Blue Highway Bold Centuria Bold But they are not really the same and additionally cost EUR 25.. I guess I have to use a standard font...
  3. Hello, does anyone know a font file made from the fonts used in KotOR I or II? If not, are there similar fonts? Regards, Max
  4. Do you mean Pazaak Cantina or Pure Pazaak? Pazaak Cantina runs on Windows Vista (without XP compatibility mode).
  5. @naerian Thank you very much for the Polish translation! I've included the ini file in the latest version..
  6. Hey, I will improve the AI.. It's not finished.. And Pazaak Cantina isn't a clone-of-a-clone, because I started the Project before I found Pure Pazaak via google. Also, Pazaak Cantina has got online stats. I think, it's really a pity, that we didn't have done a game together :sad:
  7. Yes that's right.. Thank you for your answer..
  8. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the complete list of pazaak players in KotOR 2: Pato Ado, Dantooine Mebla Dule, Telos cantina Doton Het, Telos cantina Nikko, Iziz Cantina The three players in the Nar Shadda pazaak den + the Champ Are there any other players?
  9. Hello, here's the german translation.. Hope it hasn't got any mistakes :D german.rtf
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