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  1. "All in all, Alpha Protocol is weak and poorly balanced like a 3-legged dog with an eating disorder." For the most part, he seemed to like it. It's not often that he openly acknowledges finishing a game.
  2. For Unseen Presence, it's actually possible to meet the requirement with Darcy's Saudi mission; Investigate Jizan Weapon Stockpile. At first, I thought it would be necessary to kill too many RPG militants. However, the chopper eventually circles the camp and those silly militants continue to track it with their rockets even if they end up aiming into an adjacent wall. A few ka-booms later and Darcy is giving you the all clear to come out of hiding. I completed it with tranqing just 2 foes and no alarms. Unfortunately, when they see the chopper and turn red it's enough to blow any ch
  3. I've never found that dancer, but with subtitles enabled I often saw "The night is sooooo beautiful..." appear at the bottom of the screen. And now I know why.
  4. A great line that's even greater with subtitles enabled: My favourite line is not so much a line but can be heard in the elevator at the Moscow embassy if SIE is your handler. She's humming Wagner's Ride Of The Valkyries, the perfect nod to Apocalypse Now. Of course, Steven Heck belongs in a class all to himself. My favourite email:
  5. But then if you remove that substantial portion of panting Handmaiden fanboys who would never accept Kreia as their future mother-in-law even if she came out and admitted being Kae...
  6. :D lol You've hit the nail on the head. I still think there's an eensy-weensy chance that a Kreia/Kae connection will be revealed in KotOR 3. In which case, it would be cool to revisit the missing thread to see how our speculations held up. I don't mind if it got locked and even stays that way, as long as it wasn't chopped. Sounds good.
  7. I don't recall my thread being locked, but even so, why was it deleted? There are plenty of long threads, like this one, that got locked but thankfully not deleted. And where's the locked poll? I never saw that. Did it get deleted too?
  8. Hi everybody! Back in March, I posted a thread speculating that Obsidian may have originally intended for Kreia and Master Kae to be the same character. The discussion lasted several weeks and around 20 pages. The majority of participants ended up agreeing with the theory. But now, the link to the thread no longer works: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=31591 Does anybody have any idea what may have happened to it?
  9. Woe to the bandwidth challenged amongst us.
  10. Let me guess. You have the domestic US version, right? "
  11. And you have had no opportunity to find out that the patch is ready and working now. This is just a theory you have. Let's just hope your assumption is correct.
  12. According to the Exile's first conversation with GOTO: "Revan did not intend to destroy the Republic. He deliberately left the infrastructure of many planets intact - and many military production facilities. ... I believe that Revan saw a war on another front that we did not, or saw the value in keeping a strong military force." The threat on another front is probably part of what Revan was able to recall after the end of KotOR. I believe Kreia reveals this threat as the true Sith in the unknown regions.
  13. The Malachor scenes with Mira, Hanharr, Bao-Dur, Remote and GOTO have all been left in as inconsequential filler to keep the game's finale from passing too quickly. It shouldn't really matter to anyone unless they actually happen to be following the storyline. And in that case, you can always defer your disappointment by pretending that these plotlines are going to be resolved in episode 3.
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