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  1. One time I had the Goto hologram standing there once I got his story out of him. It was weird, :crazy: but didn't affect anything
  2. Hey what happened to the tech support forum? Anyway, this has never happened before, but when I go through the doorway to Trayus Core, the screen goes black and the last level doesnt load . I know I'm not missing the greatest ending ever, but I'd still like to be able to whoop Kreia with my level 45 Sith Lord .
  3. Somebody tell the Team Gizka guys to add this to the restoration project
  4. I remember the first couple of times I played the game, before the patch, and I'd either wouldnt get Handmaiden into a Jedi or I would turn her into a Jedi late in the game. When I used to get this, I would get all these cinematics on the Ebon Hawk with her; like the one where she asks Mira for advice about you, where she talks to Visas, etc. Now whenever I play, I make her a Jedi right away and never see anything out of her.
  5. Oh good, I was worried for a bit when I saw the previous replies But then when will Visas show up?
  6. Turns out I cant buy him back. Looks like I have to wait for him to go into Vogga's. The thing is, will I be able to enter the Ebon Hawk when the Red Eclipse guys attack? I can't get back into the ship either because it says I need T3 for the astrogation charts
  7. I'm playing my 2nd darkside game and Nar Shaddaa is my 2nd planet. I was really evil by selling T3 to Kodin , but now I can't get back onto the Ebon Hawk. The thing is, I dont have Visas yet. So that means that I probably wont be able to do the Red Eclipse attack and if I can, she'll attack too, and that'll get messy. Should I just buy the little guy back?
  8. No, that's the Handmaiden. I was also confused before I got the game. The website makes it look like Handmaiden and Visas are the same and that Atris and Darth Nihilus are the same person
  9. Revan LS male, guy with long hair Exile Bearded guy, the Jesus face like most people say
  10. Is there anywhere that shows in game screenshots of both the lightside & darkside versions of each face in both games? For example, :D =
  11. I like the influence thing, being able to affect everyone and know that they actually like you or not. It did suck though having to hear the same conversations over and over. However you missed an influence opportunity, you still got the same conversations over and over. I also liked the no level cap so you could be really strong and have lots of powers & feats. I really liked Dxun/Onderon, then going back there later,and most of Nar Shaddaa. I liked seeing places from the first game. Dantooine was pretty neat, but the background music is annoying. They should've made li
  12. Whoa relax, we're not bashing . If anything I feel bad that Obsidian wasnt able to fully complete this awesome game the way they intended to. This game rocks, but it could've been even better if they were allowed more time
  13. Forgive me if this is known already and sorry for the spoilers for those who havent gotten the game yet, but at the end when I'm talking to the Jedi masters, I talk to them about the Sith coming and they tell me about Visa's planet and stuff. Then all of a sudden the cinematic ends. No Kreia, no force enlightment, nothing. So I'm stuck having to reload and going directly to asking them why did they cut me off. Anybody else get this?
  14. I agree with all the above. I'd be happy with a KotOR II Gold or Platinum Edition with this big ass patch that fixes everything and puts everything back in. I just cant believe Lucasarts would allow this to happen. I mean any sequel is supposed to live up to the original, so an extra 6 months or year would've made this game make us go "KotOR 1? Jolee who? I was Revan? huh? :D "
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