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  1. If you've already gone too far plot/quest-wise and can't make the hutt sleep, you can just use brute force to make that door open. Just keep clicking on the security option for the door over and over, while at the same time pausing/unpausing. It takes a few tries, but at a certain point, the door'll open regardless of the kath hound fade-out thing and you can run in. I was able to do this in two separate games. Nothing like the direct approach!
  2. Oh hell yeah Force Persuasion... me: You will allow and pay for Obsidian to add the cut scenes to TSL. Lucasarts: Yes, we will allow and pay for Obsidian to add the cut scenes to TSL. me: You will revive the Sam and Max sequel. Lucasarts: We will revive the Sam and Max sequel. me: There's nothing more to see here. Move along.
  3. Another language... is it just the subtitles, or is the audio in spanish too? I'd be curious to hear how they sound...
  4. I always had Atton with me, but wasn't really crazy about anyone else... it wasn't like kotor 1 where I really loved having both Carth and Jolee in my team all the time. I usually had Kreia just because she was kinda the default.
  5. lol, yeah Atton was leading in my group and she told him that... I guess they figured no one would want Mira to be a leader? Also she was a jedi sentinel and yet her line says "I may not be a Jedi, but..." >_>
  6. Yeah, I was heavily DS and killed all the Jedi (only the handlebar moustache guy was left at Dantooine). I think what you say to Kreia in Dantooine after offing the last jedi also affects whether you get Force Crush or not. In a previous game, I was somewhat DS, but I gave LS answers to her in Dantooine and she gave me Force Enlightenment. >_> Force crush just makes everything feel kinda lame, really imo. If you use it on bosses, it's way too powerful, since even if they do a save it still goes through the lift-and-choke animation so they can't strike you at all (they can do an occasional power, but they're basically f**ked). And I still ended up using Storm instead on groups since Crush took too long to do. I don't even remember what Force Enlightenment does, now that I think about it...
  7. I've been really inspired by the wonderful sketches lately, and I was thinking about Atton's cut death scene (well who hasn't?). I thought wouldn't it be interesting if Atton's death put Exile over the edge and made her go all DS, wanting revenge? Sort of like Anakin in AOTC... So I did a little quick sketch (well had to be quick since it's 3 am and I'm tired ): my Exile model there...
  8. LOL, actually, you could be right... I mean so many characters look like they aged 50 years (*cough* Disciple) when they go dark side... who knows, maybe Kreia was actually Exile's age. :D I agree though, Malak was a sith lord... Kreia was... er... in a class of her own, really. She wasn't a jedi and she wasn't a sith either... she suited her own purposes and kinda forged her own path, although I found her way more annoying than a sith lord.
  9. Well, I think the light side one is also quite clear that she said he loves you since I see Kreia as someone who firmly believes that, "Only fools fall in love" ^o^ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I hate her... <_< I loaded up my LS game to see again what she said and she says he's a fool and that should answer my question, and that he has nothing to offer me. I guess you're right about that "fools fall in love" thing, but I hadn't thought about that when I read her reply... lol all I was thinking was "answer the question, dammit!" since she didn't even say in the least bit whether he cared or not, as in her DS answer. edit: oh, and WOW did I feel guilty about making Atton embrace the dark force pools in Nadd's tomb this time around. When I made him reject them before, he was really happy and it was clear he believed he could finally redeem himself... but when I made him DS this time he kept saying he didn't want to talk about it and was so withdrawn and cold.
  10. Y'know, I redid the ending today as a darksider, and realized that Kreia gives you a more certain answer about whether Atton loves you or not... well it's still indirect, but a bit clearer than if he's lightside. If Atton has been made extremely DS, Kreia says he'll stay a murderer and end up going down a self-destructive path of murdering jedi until there are none left. When you ask if he loved you, she essentially says he can't really "love" anything anymore (that line randomly reminded me of Carth's "you may not love me... you may not love ANYTHING anymore" line), but that he would certainly die for you, and one wouldn't die for someone they don't care about.... very key words there. If he was lightside, I vaguely remember her just saying that he will always be a fool, which annoyed me. ... so it sorta sucks that she's more direct when it involves a more tragic end to their relationship. What was kinda nice, though, was that my influence with Disciple was less this time around (plus he was halfway DS) so Kreia said because of his fear of betrayals (mine, I guess) there was no love there and that his rule as a senator would be a cold one. muhahahah....
  11. Oh man, get over yourself. You're a hypocrite. So you're saying it's fine for Bioware to make a continuity screw-up but Obsidian isn't allowed one? According to your prior elitist stuff, that should indicate that Bioware is also to blame. In any case, these games are made to try and please a wider audience than just Star Wars elitist geeks. Sometimes changes are made to create a more acceptable product or to appeal more to everyone playing. Star Wars itself is fraught with continuity errors everywhere in the EU and non-EU, so crying bloody murder over this is old news anyway. Besides, if your intention was to bring this to light for Obsidian to address, then you've made your point. By beating this thing like a dead horse, you're just weakening your own side, and making yourself look like a fanatic.... and you SHOULD give a crap about what Obsidian devs think because if they do end up handling the third game, then they'll have the last word about all of this.
  12. Oh god... can some mod please lock this thread or something? There's already another crazy thread of this nature... and in any case, nothing constructive will come out of this eternal argument. Whether good choice or not, the droid is how it is, and saying mean stuff to to developer who made the choice is certainly not going to garner you any pull with them about changing things. The general consensus is that people like the basilisk the way it is presented, so you're not going to sway everyone into some mass riot over the topic... either let it go, or if you're so mad then mod it yourself so you can see that lobster-thing whenever you like.
  13. Funny how Raphael Sbarge looks like two completely different people when you look at this pic: and then this one: From the shows I've seen him on, he doesn't look at all like the first pic, but the second one's pretty accurate. love his voice though..
  14. I sorta have a project at the moment that I'm in the beginning stages of, and I think that's going to take up most of my time. Eisu draws some really wonderful handmaiden drawings though (the thread's around here somewhere I think) ... maybe he'd be game..?
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