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  1. Yep. It's amazing. Super fun and super thought out. Who cares if the gun shooting aspect is stat based? Aparently not me. I've never ever re-played a game so much.
  2. Cathartic isn't it? Bear in mind Fallout: New Vegas is just around the corner which promises all the super mutants, gambling, showgirls and ,err, cybernetic dogs (poor Dogmeat) you ever wanted in any game. I think Alpha Protocol was amazing. Everyone is so caught up with guns! I hope when FNV comes out people will check this title out too. I seriously don't get why people don't like AP.
  3. Loved the dialogue with Deng in the subway, total Bond stuff. Loved meeting Alby in around the Lenin sculpture...... totally great dfialogue. Anything Heck (super funny) anything Leiland (super evil) **LOVED** beating him up. Thought Gilato shop guy was pretty great too :D
  4. Where are you exactly? Which mini game is it? With some snags along the way, I've figured out how to beat all the mini-games in recruit with no extra gear........ it's doable but hard for sure. If/ when you get past that point, next time you go shopping pick up the gloves that help hacking, it'll make your life easier. Also, pick up 2 lvls in Sab along the way and you'll be golden
  5. I've played it several times on Xbox360 and love it. I don't know why people are crying over the graphics. XBox360's tech performance has been pretty spotless. I've encountered very few bugs where I needed to reload a save. I can't speak towards the PC version of the game though............. Honeslty, I think people are most frusterated that it's not a shooter in the strict sense. Story-wise, with all the actual choices that are made in the game, AP is the most advanced and wonderful choice driven game to date. So if you can get past slightly out dated graphics and the fact you can't do head shots at the begining as easily as you can later in teh game you should pretty much expect to like/ love it!
  6. Apart from having a negative rep with Marburg and having enough Dossiers on Marburg (100% isn't necessary; You need to know about his botched operation and Deus Vult) it appears to be the sole deciding factor. Is that dossier info at his mansion? I know I missed something there....... I played it suave all the way, even took some time off from Rome to go meet Sie and help her to gain the additional negs to get him super unfriendly..... Taunted him a bunch too during the shoot out, Madison died but I was neg 9 or 10 with him. Also, during the Madison talk, is the 'professional response option that comes up before kissing her reveal that her dad is what's his face? I just played through a 2nd time and no Marlburg killing.....again Any help on the above Q's would be awesome for my 3rd play through!
  7. I heard shotgun is kind of redundant since you have MA for tight quarters situations. Maybe a lil' pistol instead? that's what I did and loved it. Although I've heard people using SMG for when things got loud while trying to be stealthy. Dunno.
  8. Yeah it's apparently not a game for everyone (peeps who love shooters) but I agree. It's a great game! I hope that it catches more attention once Fall Out 3 comes out........ Obsidian deserves props! Oh almost forgot: Sneak builds for a run through are TOTALLY FUN. I'm just starting a 2nd play through as a commando guy. Was it fun? I can forsee some parts of the game being easier (in terms of murdering) and some parts harder (where with the spy build you could sneak around folks) but might have to confront them despite wanting to not kill any one. Just curious!
  9. Ahh yes, just getting started and the mini-games are frusterating. Man, I feel you. I had the *exact* same problem. Good news though, they get easier to identify as you go. After a while you'll get good enough to hit most of them. The trick I picked up was from this forum actually. When you're doing the line code thing squint your eyes. It makes the letters and numbers blury & it's easier to see the non-moving ones. I was so pissed at that one particular mini-game I think I actually pitched my controller across the room. Also, like peeps above have been saying, if you have a point or 2 (I think it's 2) in sabotage you can EMP a mini-game instead of playing it. Comes in handy. There are some armor upgrades in the game too that can help you get past some of the harder ones. My 1st play though I played as a super spy and did Thai Pai, Moscow and then Rome. This new game I'm playing is with a free lancer shoot 'em up guy and am playing Rome, then a mix of Thai Pai and Moscow. At least that's my plan...... Any way you play it seems to be pretty awesome. Just make sure to save your last check points as you go!
  10. Same thing happened to me! I as like 'sweet now I finally get to max out my....... boat scene....... hmmmm....'
  11. It was the other way around, I beat the crap out of them, without much or any trouble. Epinephrine Spike + Iron Will + Fury, lets call this combo 'Steven special' for future references. For Marburg, I just incinerated his henchmen with grenades, and then gave him one Steven special and that was that. For Brayko, I gave him Steven special, then after he gets high I hide with shadow operative(so that he doesn't call his mobsters on me), while I'm hiding I use brilliance and then give him another Steven special after the effects of the coke wore off. Deng was the easies one, I just gave him one Steven special and that was that, he didn't even have time to react, he didn't even touch me. It was my 9th playthrough, and at that point I was really good at mini games so I didn't need any help, but I did have extra 10 points at the end that I didn't use for anything, so you could buy two ranks in sabotage if you want. Here is how my build looked in the end: Technical aptitude is really important because of the better healing, more endurance and brilliance. On hard, you really have to rely on fury and iron will or your dead, so being able to reset their timers is important. I guess its possible, but I didn't try it. That's totally awesome. Thanks for the screen shot too........ I like 'The Steven Special'! hahah
  12. @ Prestidigitator Thanks for the heads up on shotgun...... With your Chuck Norris build, you could hand to hand all the bosses and not get the #%^! beat out of you? The 1st lvl of brilliance is at 8th lvl, no? Did you have points in other places as well? I thought at least 2 in sabotage was really helpful against bombs and crazy locks. Also quick Q on tech and then I promise to stop hijacking this thread Has anyone placed landmines right in front of Mike during any of the boss fights and light them off as a boss comes at them with a high enough tech score to not get blasted as well?
  13. I finsished up my 1st playthrough as a Spy with 13 in Martial Arts, 13 in Pistols, 13 in Sealth, 2 in Sabotage (for the EMP pick locks ability which saved my ass a couple of times) and 3 in AR as my secondary weapon (mostly used AR for long rang attacks vs. helicopter and sniping from afar at low levels). I had to run around a lot vs. bosses but towards the end I could take out a room stealthy like with Shadow Operative....... Totally fun, never threw a grenade the whole game! Also totally dug knee to the face + pistol to the face (MA 13) For my 2nd playthrough I was thinking more of an aggro free lance kill 'em real bad type wih these stats: Martial Arts lvl 13 = 52 points Pistols lvl 10 = 15 points Sabotage lvl 6 = 24 points Toughness lvl 5 = 20 points Stealth lvl 3 = 18 points Shot Gun lvl 7 = 35 points Tech lvl 10 = 30 points +3 points left over I know the build is spread all over the place but I can't get rid of pistol and martial arts. They are too cool. Does anyone think I need to tweak the build? Am I over doing it in toughness? OR is shotgun or pistol too high? Thoughts?
  14. My impressions of the game is that it's awesome. I've read about bugs for PC'ers and being a PC guy I feel your frustration. But for XBox360 it's been relatively bug-free. I've absolutely loved the story, dig all the choices and think the sneaking around, firing guns, knee to the face then a bullet in the head combos are super fun. For me the 'easy' setting is kind of hard hahaha Admittedly I only play a few games a year and so have had no problems with difficulty. Yeah the AI can be a little weird at times but all you yammering about the AI being totally broken need to chill out. ME2's AI was at least as wonky. AT LEAST! GAHHHHHH (Sorry too much coffee) Anyway, big thumbs up to Obsid. You guys have done wonderfully. I am not a fan boy but I am a fan. This is the 1st game where I'll play it more than once!
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