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  1. I recently got this game - I had been waiting for it for quite some time because the concept is absolutely brilliant. I was hesitant, because Obsidian's track record isn't exactly amazing... but I thought a company would get better and better. Also, there really aren't many companies so dedicated to RPG's for PC... so I wanted to support Obsidian. I never blamed Obsidian for the shortcomings of KOTOR II and still found the game brilliant. Alpha Protocol is one of the most poorly executed games I've ever owned. Aside from the RPG elements, it's a complete FLOP as a 'shooter' experience. I'm so severely let down by this title - it feels like it got rushed out the door half-baked which is so incredibly sad because I think it could have been phenomenal. Either way, that's the last game I buy from Obsidian. It's no surprise the game sold so terribly and there won't be a sequel. Really a shame... but I'd be a fool to purchase another game developed by this company.
  2. No sniper rifles in game currently? No way... I figured you'd get at least something like a silenced sniper rifle... Anyway, any new weapons and spy tech gadgets would be welcome, possibly WITH missions. I'd also love to see a DLC training course where which randomizes the course every time :D you can test your skills. Hostage rescue, infiltration, assault, hack several terminals, etc. All sorts of things. Even some 'spy training' type memory mini-games or something. LOADS of potential.
  3. With an espionage setting like Alpha Protocol, there's SO much room for expanding into further adventures and DLC missions. I really hope the game does extremely well and Obsidian provides some excellent DLC missions in the months after release. I would say it would work a lot like what BioWare has done with Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network. Here's hoping for DLC missions
  4. http://www.gamestop.com/browse/search.aspx...lpha%20protocol What's up with that?
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