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  1. Well from playing demo with Lucas, I'll say the balance between dodge and block is, well, great. Blocking drains a certain amount of focus, depending on how much the attack would damage you, while dodge animation has invincibility frames in it (one of the reasons why it shows that the developers knew what they were doing with this combat system) but it also has a bit of a "lag" after the animation , to stop you from spaming it. And it helps that the controls are perfectly responsive too, so you don't have to be afraid to use block in the heat of the battle, since you know it will work whenever you press it. I should mention that I played the demo with the gamepad, that is how I play h&s games, I played Witcher 2 with it too, for example.( PC controls really seam horrible though, they really screwed that part up, hope you'll get used to them, or they will fix them) But the thing is, dodging is always easier and safer then blocking, since it allows you to get out of the way of the attack without much risk. Successful use of block requires the study of enemy attack patterns and animations, or you will spend all the time holding block in the anticipation of the attack instead of attacking enemies. This is what playing devil may cry thought me. In it, you have the trickster style, which gives the a dash option, and it was the best style for beginners, and the royal guard style , which gave you a block option was the hardest since you had to learn all the attack patterns of all the enemies. Though you also had to time your blocks there, if you wanted to block all the damage, its not nearly as hard here, but it does require more effort then simply getting out of the way. It would be good if there are other bonuses for blocking, maybe this is where all those statistics the game has will come into play, I think retribution will deal damage back at enemies even if you block the attacks, it says so in the help section, if I'm not mistaken. One thing that was really fun, is using the sword and shield stance and rushing into group of enemies, attacking them with the sword but paying close attention to the enemies behavior and then timing the blocks. But like I said, dodging will always be easier and safer, and there is the two handed sword for groups of enemies, but this is more fun :D And yeah, form what I saw, the combat with Lucas really seams solid, all the basics seam to be there, I think it really shows that the designers are fans of the combat games like DMC, or street fighter, and simply knew what they were doing with the whole Action part of the game, all the basics seam really solid, for sure.
  2. Sure, but what other example of a choice with a consequence can you name? I can name only one more - if you kill the cop at the Art show, he is replaced with his brother thats the same guy only with glasses. Other than that, I only remember some moral choices that never get mentioned again. I don't know about other people, but for me, just the choice is not that important, its the consequence, or even just mentioning of the choice you made that really means something and change the experience. For example, ME2 C&C was horrible, it didn't matter what choices you made in ME1 since the consequences were all the same, but the fact that the game has mentioned all the choices you made in ME1 meant a lot to me, really helped establish your character from ME1. Now, AP was completely built around the idea that all of your choices have a consequence, either by changing the story, or just altering the dialogue. Even the smallest stuff like, in what order do you do the missions in Saudi can greatly change the conversations you have with your handlers before the missions. Mina can be a completely different person depending on what she thinks of you, Heck will be angry if you don't go to him first etc. As we speak I'm on my 3rd playthrough of bloodlines, and the only difference between the 3 was the vampire clan, and the fact tht I missed the goul on my 1st playthrough. Malkavians have different dialogue, and from time to time character may mention in one sentence how your crazy. Nosferatu have to hide and sometimes people tell you how your ugly. But the story is linear, dialog choices limited to one response more often then they should be etc. C&C of AP on the other hand did wonders for me, every playthrough felt unique, and I think I started skipping dialogue only at 6th or 7th playthrough, because you never know what your going to hear, how a character is going to react in a particular situation depending on the stance, the reputation, particular thing you did he really did/didn't like, dossier etc. And for example, in ME 1 and 2, after I played with a male and a female, I started skipping almost all of the dialogue.
  3. I know. What I wanted to say is that that the story was as linear as stories in bioware games. No real choices and no real consequences except for those two I mentioned.
  4. Well, yeah, bloodlines is my favorite game, but you only make two choices in it, what vampire clan you want to be, and who will you ally with. I especially hated the part where you HAD to say to Lacroix that you saw Nines in front of that mansion. Now that was low, Bioware low. But, the game had other strengths so its fine. Also, why can't people understand the concept of taste? "This guy played it 3 times and still didn't like it! Thats means its bad!" or "This guy played it 2 times and liked it, that means its good!" Those are just subjective opinions, and forcing them as objective view on things is just wrong. What I would say is that game obviously has its strengths, as it is liked by some people, but also has its downsides as its disliked by others. But there are no objective opinions, not really, its just a matter of taste, preference. Also, please don't feed the trolls. Unless we develop technology that lets us see into the future, you can't form an opinion of something you only saw a small portion of.
  5. Nope, sound dampening of six is there so you could move around freely without making any noise, unless your directly behind the enemy. But like I said, enemies can see you much easier when your standing instead of crouching, so again, stealth is about balancing all these variables.
  6. Yeah, crouching adds like +4 to sound dampening, and obviously, greatly reduces enemies sight range. If you have the best technician armor that has sound dampening of 2, enemies will turn around and see you in the last second when you sneak up on them. And if your wearing the best stealth armor( 6 SD) enemies will turn around in the last second, but this time if you approach them while running un-crouched. So yeah, 6-2=4.
  7. I've been thinking about stealth in this game, and after looking at the the way whole game is designed, the way stealth works actually makes sense. Basically, every approach in this game is designed to be a combination of player skill AND character skill. So for example, maxed shotgun skill isn't enough if you don't know how to use it(shot directly at the enemies at close range, wait for a critical hit to form for those in the distance), and the other way around. Or, if your really bad at mini games, you have a bunch of skills that could help you, if you are mediocre at them, you could upgrade sabotage with a couple of action points, or if your really good at them, you may not need any help. Again, a very, very nice mix of player and character skills. So now with stealth, if they just added alternative, empty paths whenever you get to a crowded area, it would be entirely based on player skill, you wouldn't need any character stealth skill. And the way AP is designed, if you want to be stealthy, you need experience with stealth, you know, patience, looking for a window of opportunity in between NPC patrols, but there are also sections where you need the abilities from the stealth line of skills if you want to remain undetected. Now, as far as I'm concerned, I just don't care, I'm fine either way. I LOVE splinter cell, but at the same time, I did enjoy what we got in AP. And really, no, you CAN'T just turn invisible and ghost your way through the whole level. Later levels of shadow operative are overpowered, but they will be unlocked in the last couple of hours of the game, and are overpowered so they could compensate for the fact that the end game is completely action oriented. But for the most part of the game, you either won't have that ability, or will have 6 or 12 second of invisibility while staying crouched, with a looong cool down period. I'm still not a huge fan of the action orientation of the game, but since all the skills are designed with this in mind, its not that bad, once you get used to it. My two cents.
  8. I think you misunderstood me, I just mapped the abilities wheel to 1, ammo to 2 and gadgets to 3, from the commands menu of the game, so I can use the z,x,c for walking, nothing else.
  9. You can't, left shift is for sprinting. You can use Left ALT, the button in between space and windows key. Open APInput from my documents(My Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config\) and copy this in it: Bindings=(Name="LeftAlt",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=0.2") Then open DefaultInput from the location where your game is installed (Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config\) and then copy this in it: +Bindings=(Name="LeftAlt",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=0.2") And there you go, when you hold the left alt key, Thorton will walk.
  10. Yeah, that would be nice. By the way, I tried mapping walking to numbers above the WASD, 2 for forward, 1 for left, 3 for right, but it didn't register when I loaded the game, it seams like the game can't use those keys. And, where did you map the gadgets, abilities and ammo, if you use those keys for walking? edit: Never mind, you can map ammo and the rest to 1,2,3 from the menu, I just tried it out.
  11. After playing around with different key combinations, I think I found the most seamless way of integrating walking into the game. Just set forward walking to LeftAlt, and if you want to move around just turn the mouse instead of using left or right. Here you go, just copy this in those two files, without the '+' in the APinput. +Bindings=(Name="LeftAlt",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=0.2") Once again, big thanks to nizwiz, I've been waiting for this since the game came out. Maybe later we will find a more sophisticated way of implementing walking into the game, but this is good enough for me.
  12. TV show burn notice reminds me a lot of Alpha Protocol. The protagonist is even called Michael, and his friend calls him Mikey.
  13. I just tried this out, changed the speed in both ini files to 0.2 and yep, it works. Great find man, thanks a lot. Now I can look cool while sneaking, lol. I still hope we can find a way to toggle the walking like the sneaking animation. Sprint is a little bit weird, you don't have to hold down W to sprint, Mike starts running as soon as you press shift, so I don't know how they made that, its strange.
  14. I totally forgot, I was playing with veteran background the last time, so its extra AP is that made the mini games so difficult probably. Silly me.
  15. Ok, so it seams the reason why mini games were difficult for me the last time I played on hard is because I didn't use integrated security. I probably thought I didn't need it since I specialized in sabotage. I just finished another playthrough on hard and mini games with first level of breaking and entering and integrated security weren't much more difficult then on medium . I didn't even need emps. Actually, this was my paragon playthrough, I didn't kill any of the mercenaries or agents, and I spared those minor characters, but I did kill Marburg and Leland, as they orchestrated the whole thing. All this on hard, with stealth, pistol, martial arts, little bit of toughness in the end and upgraded shock traps, with a spy background. So I guess I could say that hard difficulty isn't really that big of a deal as long as you know what your doing.
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