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  1. is the game worth buying??? i did get happy that i did see a good game was made by the same company that did make star wars knight of the old rebuplic that game i did like so much. but this game i wonder shall i buy or not. have sean many review of the game and i wonder shall i but it or not
  2. is it true http://gamerlimit.com/2010/07/sega-confirm...alpha-protocol/
  3. i did whant to play this game and buy it buts since its soo bug and many other thing its soo bad soo a good game is not soo good anymore will they fix it so it can be more fun and more buy it too?
  4. the KOTOR is a awsome game and sith lord is a good game the story is not so great in KOTOR i think
  5. the game dont contince the story from KOTOR its a totaly a new game
  6. why is it that a awsome game is not complet only half complet and does not contincue from KOTOR?
  7. its say this on the erros picture a problem caused the program stopped working as it should. The program will be closed and you will be notified if a solution is available SWKotOR have not tried running as admin but going to try it have tryed the changing the compatibility settings did not work
  8. i have the star wars best buy so i have the lastest patch on and when i play it the game frezze on me
  9. did you get the KOTOR to work whitout any problem if so how did you do it?
  10. i cant get the KOTOR to get it working on vista its frezze all the time but i can get the KOTOR 2 to work what am i doing wrong
  11. i still get the dame error on the nr 1 of the game when i do that but nr 2 to works fine
  12. thats true i will try to get this game upp and going i dont whant to lose this game becase i like it so much
  13. shall i only place the same file that i did on the KOTOR 2 on 1 ? i did buy the star wars best buy on pc i have 5 star wars game inside of it
  14. not nr 2 thats one i can play now but nr 1 of the star wars knights of the old republic nr 1 not 2 here is what i get when i play nr 1 of this game not sith lord. Can any one help me on this?
  15. i am not sure if i can post this here but i try. How can i play Star wars Knight of the old republic on vista?
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