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  1. I was wondering, I saw on the back of the KOTOR cover, then again in the strategy guide at Wal-Mart that Kreia had a lightsaber before her hand was hacked off. How do you get the lightsaber before hand?
  2. I was looking through the strategy guide at wal-mart today, and when I came across the lightsaber crystals, they didn't have a dark green. I thought the devs said that there was a dark green that was almost black. What's up?
  3. I know, it is pretty much not going to happen. But it would be fair.
  4. U know what would be really!!! nice? If they fixed all of the bugs in the X-Box one, released a special edition, and the people that bought the first one could trade it in for free!!! Wouldn't that be a great idea!?!
  5. I think they should work together! That would be nice. But that prolly won't happen. So, I would have to think on this one. Obsidian did a good job with the gameplay, except the bugs. I loved the gameplay, upgrades and stuff. But the story wasn't all that great. I loved the story Bioware put together. I am not sure which one I would choose. I am sticking with both of them.
  6. I can deal with it...for now. I am on my second playthrough so, I think I can.
  7. I don't knw about that. He was on mine.
  8. TheMaleRei, were you LS? If you go to the ls, then it breaks. But when you go DS, it doesn't.
  9. I gave it a 4. I loved the game, it lives up to KOTOR in a variety of things, gameplay, lightsaber things, all that stuff. But, it lacks the story. I was...very disappointed at the end. It was...disappointing.
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