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  1. The most important thing is for me: A PC, where it is logic, that you're Level 1. No isolation thingy and force-closed. Maybe a Padawan of an lost LS-Jedi. Hey, you could be Jolees Padawan, so that it's more logic, that you can choose an alignment. Maybe it's the following: After long years Bindo finally dies. You have no home or else, he found you as an ten year old boy/girl and took care of you. You have nothing to live for, but Jolee told from Revan many times, so you try to find him and give your life a sense, either help him against the sith(LS of course) or try to challenge him and become the mightiest dark-jedi ever(DS). On your journey you will find two damaged and offline droids, a Protocol-Droid(Hey you now which one :D ) and a small T3-Unit. They fell out of the Ebon-Hawk after they tried to get help, because Revan and the Exile needed more Jedi to fight against the sith. The Ebon-Hawk is in a museum or in the hands of a criminal collector. So you have to get it. If Revan was LS(you choose at a conversation with someone), he reprogrammed HK-47 to the LS...of course he likes killing with the same passion and has the same phrases, but now he enjoys to kill bad guys who attack helpless ones and see the nerds, who are bad, explode after being so self-confident with their meatbag-skills. Something in this way, but just a HK-47, who can be influenced by a LS-PC. Don't get me wrong, I like this rampaging killing-machine, but a LS-PC couldn't get this funny dialouges out of him :D . Hey and he has to stay this sarcastic . For the Party I would like to see: HK-47 T3-M4 Mira Atton Bao-Dur Carth Bastila Juhani (she hid somewhere over the jedi-civil-war) Exile Revan Visas Yuthura The planets of my choice would be: Coruscant this cool city-planet (you need to find some Jedi) Dantooine (same as above and the crystal-cave) Manaan (Kolto will be needed) Tattooine (a must in Star Wars) Shleyeron (where else would you find Yuthura) Droid-Planet (A must!) Some nearly unknown planets, where some Jedi could hide and where you find crystals or artefacts. And I would like to see some force-allied feats: A feat that gives you more powers per Lvl-Up, more after a higher feat-level. And much more... *Sigh*...but I we can only hope that Lucasarts ans Obsidian make a good game, better than KotoR 2 and maybe even better than KotoR 1. Both games where great, but a greater one is even better :D
  2. Yeah, now that I know, that a third part will come, it all makes sense: The old Star-Wars was made, without the awaiting of another part, so every movie was "closed" for itself and the next movie had to glue itself somewhere on the old movie. Like Kotor1. The new Star-Wars-Movies are made as a triology, espacially designed for sticking together. Like Kotor II and III seem to be. And it really reminds of Matrix Reloaded. At the end of Kotor II there was just missing:"To be comtinued..."
  3. 82 GB " But the Data-Space is not my problem. My problem is this part with the DS-Jedi, who are completely lightside. Am I doing something wrong? Would be very nice if someone, who turned them all into LS-Jedi, could tell me how he did it.
  4. Did you use the cheat codes at all to change your lightside/darkside points? Someone elsewhere said that, if you do that, there's a bug that basically reverses your influence on your companions. If you go LS, they go DS, and vice versa (sounds like a flipped integer or something in the code). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> At my games where I tried to get them all LS, I used no Cheats, had a CHA of 14 and the highest Persuade-Skill I could have, plus equipment-bonus plus Master-Empathy. I tried everything...but it happens to only be possible to turn them to DS-Jedi with an alighnment completely Light with this light-storm behind. What's happening there???? <_<
  5. And if you want to play a game where you don't know, if it is bad, there's the possibility to rent it Lucasarts and the Developer who will make the next game, should bring a better end for the next game, then maybe I would buy it after playing it. It's a symbiosis:We need GOOD games and they need profit. We have enough other games to switch to, but a publisher who doesn't sale games, won't be in business very long.
  6. Mhhh...maybe you can have just one LS-Padawan?! But as I turned Atton into a Jedi, as I tried him first, he became a dark one... And yes, Bao-Dur and Mira can become Jedi, if you have enough influence. Bring Mira to the place on Na-Shadaar, where you listened to the true Nar-Shadaar and then the dialouge beginns. Bao-Dur is automatically turned into a Jedi, if you have enough influence and talk to him. Maybe a dev could help me and tell me how the programm is meant to work?
  7. Now I've started five new games, each with another way, but I can't get all my companions to ls-jedi. I turned Bao-Dur to a Guardian, ls. :D I turned Atton to a Sentinel, ds. <_< I turned the Handmaiden to a guardian, ds. <_< I turned Mira to a Sentinel, ds. <_< But my Influence on them is as high as it could be and I'm completely light-side(male) with no single DS-Point! They don't even act ds, they seem completely peaceful. They find their peace and I got no DS-Point, by making them to Jedi's. And still the game says, that they are dark Jedi. Except Bao-Dur, my first one each time. Is it a error at the localisation(europe)? Or is this normal. Please!!! Somebody help me? If there's somebody, who turned them all to LS-Jedi, could you tell me how?
  8. Hello all. I know, that this thing about force sight is one of the most frequented topics in this forum, but one thing I haven't found with the search-engine: Which sentence you can say, is the one that makes Visas teach you the force sight?(with enough influence.) I tried it so many times, but I think I always take this conversation, before I have enough influence.
  9. Err...I turned Bao-Dur into an Guardian...as far as I remember.
  10. Yeah, just finished the game after three days with six hours of sleep and thought there would be a great thing to see. Maybe saving Kreia, seeing Mandalore reveal his identity(taking of his helmet), a great party for all my party-friends...seeing G0-T0 explode after he attacked Remote ... seeing Visas revealing her eyes to see the world(how Kreia said), seeing Atton becoming a great Pazaak-Player in the Republic. And what have I got?! The Ebon-Hawk flying to the Outer-Rim. Not knowing, if the converted Jedi(made them all to Jedi, Atton, Mira, Bao Dur and Handmaiden ) would follow to Revan...not even seeing my PC standing in the ****pit with an heroic face, looking to the outer-rim. I heard, there would be two endings for each alignment...is that true? If yes: What is the other LS-Ending?
  11. I tried it. I used every answer for her choice of becoming a jedi, except the dark side-answers. The same with Atton and Mira. They say, they feel good and right, no pain or beeing angry. Their dialouges seem completely lightside. I have a clue about this: As I turned the handmaiden into a Jedi, Atris said that the handmaiden would have become a Sith. Is this even the case if you turn her into a "lightside-jedi"? If yes, the dark-jedi things could just be errors in the translation of the game to my language.
  12. Hello all. Since thursday I've got TSL :D Finally we internationals can play it. I turned the Handmaiden into a Jedi. All my chars, except G0-T0 and HK-47 are completele light, like me. Now the handmaiden became a dark guardian...is this the only way or can I turn her into a light-side Jedi?
  13. I play as a LS-Male and...HK was one of my fav-chars in KotoR 1. But how can I get any kind of influence at him, without getting DS-Points? Is there a possibility?...in any way? I'm even happy, if there is a way where I get a LS- and a DS-Point, so it's neutral in the end...I just want to get some influence on this crazy droid without being too much sith. Or cheating with the console. His definition of love is nice...good old HK-47. As he asked me about Malachor, I said that I wouldn't be proud of it. Since this I lost no influence. I heard, that you could get an influence-point (without DS), if you are rude to him in the way of saying him that you would "kill" him if he wouldn't shut up...where is the option for this conversation?
  14. I don't care for a preview before the 10th. Some sites in the web say, it would be the 8th, the 9th or the 10th. But I don't want to have the game before the 10th. So why I'm sayin something like this about a cool game like KotoR 2?! The reason is: I'm having my last final test at the 10th...anybody who played KotoR 1, knows what would happen with a game like this right before a test. Failed... . So I'm completely fine with the 10th .
  15. Sorry, that I don't go to BioWare, but I simply hope, that Obsidean didn't made such bugs like this: Once as I've played Manaan (male, LS) as my last Planet. In the Sith-Base Juhani told me, that the woman, the Jedi that inspired her to become a Jedi, was Revan, so I was it. Has anyone ever had such a glitch in TSL?
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