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  1. Is Kotor 3 going to be released on the new XBox or the old one?
  2. Exile's names LS Female-Keira Finree DS Female-Iola Rindall Male-Aiden Organa
  3. I think Kreia is your initial master, because in the scene where the Exile stabs his lightsaber into the stone, Atris blames "the woman who trained all of them and is responsible for their falls."
  4. This almost sounds like a debate on existentialism with all the references to taking responsibility for one's actions. Come to think of it, only the Exile really comes to term with personal responsibility. Kreia blames her student's failings on the council, the masters blame you for the failings of their students. In reality, the people who fell have no one to blame but themselves. The Exile is the only one who realizes this and accepts personal responsibility for his/her decisions.
  5. Yeah I just want the ending too. I would be willing to live with bugs and crashes if they only gave the ending the game, the programmers, and the players deserved to have in the first place.
  6. Hahaha, I'm a redhead and my dad is blond and my mom brunette.
  7. When you add in the deleted lines and put them near the end, it really creates a sense of a climax, everything happening to lead to one point. Unfortunately, I felt that the climax without the deleted parts leads to the climax being when you meet the masters at Dantooine, giving you several hours of falling action and no resolution. What was Kreia's reference to Mira's "true father" at the end? Her true father was never even brought up until that, creating a question and not an answer. Somehow I think her true father was Canderous, but I'm not sure why. The problem with most of t
  8. For my brother's birthday, I bought him the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi soundtrack, and all I can say is that the original music is incredible. Do you guys think if they make another KOTOR that they should include more of the original Star Wars music?
  9. LucasArts is a business, interested in cash. If it can get away with making a large profit from an incomplete game because of a loyal fan base, then it won't ever change. The only solution is for people to stop buying LucasArts games until they realize why their sales are falling.
  10. In the central chamber, there is a door that says "Turbolift" on it, but it is locked. Does anyone know if this was actually supposed to be a place that they removed at the last minute, and if so, what is down there?
  11. Has anyone figured out the fastest way to get all the parts for HK? In one playthrough, I didn't even get all the parts for some reason :/
  12. I think it might be one of those 3rd time through bonus dialogues. I met him, told him to not stare at my chest, and thats what he said.
  13. Atton: Hi, I'm Atton Rand. I wasn't actually supposed to make it into this game. I was made for a spinoff of Jedi Knight. I guess you can blame my manager.
  14. Likes Mira - She was a very interesting character with a colorful personality, about as sassy as Atton, plus you can't say no to redheads. If you managed to get her, and then fall to the darkside, the dialogue was interesting. I'm not sure if it was special 3rd time playthrough bonus dialogue, but as DS, there is a dialogue option that says [influence] and she responds in words, but not in voice. Kreia mentions her true father, but who in the world is that, considering her "true father" was not even mentioned once. No romance option Visas Marr - I really liked the voice, and she w
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