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  1. There should have been a "whoa, you managed to stay grey, huh?" prestige class.
  2. if you meant to type 'neither LS or DS pts.' it's news to me; is that really possible? I thought the game just forces you into extremes (well sw being the simple moralistic tale that it is; it needs to be like that); so the only way to stay 'grey' is to artificially keep your points balanced by doing good and bad stuff alternately. That surely spoils the role playing experience altogether.
  3. Anyone find extra-sw references though? I'd be delighted if it were Raymond Luxury Yatch (pronounced: Throatwobbler Mangrove) instead of, say, Vaklu.
  4. How do you manage to balance the ls/ds points that you keep getting throughout the game? Do something good and then a bit of evil----like that?
  5. I hope all this is to pay some kind of tribute to Farley. He was an extraordinary comedian; and he deserves some respect.
  6. I should have done a coolest closing credits; or a coolest intermission poll----for those of us who come from countries where there's a tradition (?!) of just slashing films in half for the sake of a stupid 'intermission'. (could this be what inspired Monty Python, for the 'intermission' towards the end of MPatHG?----Whoa, another poll topic: the silliest looking python film name in acronym: MP'sFC; MP'sANFSCD; MPLatHB [figure this one out]; MPatHG; MP'sLoB; MP'sMoL) I'm sure the 'coolest closing credits' would make quite a debate. I'd say TPM, where you wait till the end to hear the Vader breath. (w00t) (w00t) A close second would be Kotor 2, with its dainty aftertaste of WHAT THE HELL???
  7. ......people are seriously voting??? I thought I'd be flamed for such a silly prank and then....... Anyway I'm scared....
  8. I think the coolest is epIII; as it says "War!....." in the beginning. (w00t) And did you know that the TESB crawler is a little faster than the ANH? And it's so cool that they always have four periods at the end. And also from where was it that George borrowed the idea? Buck Rogers? Flash Gordon?
  9. I'd have voted for M. A. Numminen
  10. I thought George had won a competition of which the prize was that his head model would be used somewhere in the game. Or was it someone else?
  11. Ryu could beat all three with his eyes closed.
  12. any chance it could be a role playing game?
  13. Not to compare GL with them or anything, but now that Goethe's been quoted it might be safe to say this: Certain composers (Brahms foremost) kept working on finished compositions in order to refine them further. The thing is, this usually took place before publication. It's rare indeed that published compositions got substantially altered; but you do have some notable examples. There are two versions of Wagner's Flying Dutchman, for instance, one in 'number-opera' format----the way he had to stage it----and one in 'continuous drama format'----the way he intended it to be. The second version is (rightly) taken to be the canonical. Mind you I'm not comparing all this with GL; but it's not 'a law of the arts' (?!) that the finished product can *never* be changed.
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