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  1. You- "open that door or your dead" Rodian- "But I can't they will fire me" You- "then I guess your dead"
  2. Jedi master is in my opinion the best jedi class. Jedi masters however suffer in lightsaber fights. Most people who play this class usualy do it to abuse force wave like force storm for sith lords. I have a good strategy for anyone who wants to become a jedi master. Invest all of your attribute points you gain at 4 level intervals into strength. You won't need to worry about widsom b/c you'll get extra wisdom from the prestige class and you can just get items to wear that increase your wisdom. By doing this you can make yourself a terrific fighter who can just stun anyone and finish them off with a lightsaber.
  3. I have to agree with you that Mira is an exception b/c of her ranged abilities. She is perhapes the only party member you should consider not making a jedi. Her abilities with a lightsaber are mediocre. Her extra ranged damage from her scout abilities are just to much to ignore.
  4. I always looked at it differently from most people. If I was playing light side I wanted to convert them to rebuild the jedi order, because most jedi were dead. If I was playing dark side I wanted to convert them to rebuild the sith order and restore it to its former glory. Aside from that they will be better fighters if allowed to become jedi/dark jedi and can provide support with force powers as opposed to non jedi like mandalore who are bad. Also I like to take on one of my crew members on as my apprentice and give him/her a lightsaber as initiation into the jedi order. I pick my apprentice based on who has the best build and fighting capabilities. My apprentice is different then my other crew members in that he/she is always with me.
  5. It seems Im one of the few who prefers a single hilt lightsaber. I guess it because Im old fashion but it's as old school as you can get. I enjoy dueling over twf because dueling will give you defense & attack bonus while twf is busy lowering your penalty. I like to pour all my power into one lightsaber. Also I dislike the clunky look of the dual saber while walking with it.
  6. Niman in my opinion is the best style. It has no weaknesses and no strengths bringing balance. Most people will say juyo because of the additional attack, but you sacrifice 4 defense and have a -4 to force saves. Niman is overlooked because most people see the +1 to everything not that great, but instead of lowering one of your areas like blaster deflection or force saves you gain a little in every area. The only downside to using Niman is that you don't excell in any particular area. Niman is for skilled players only because most noobs will need the extra attack or lightsaber damage to get them through the game, but using Niman the entire game efficiently is a challenge and in my opinion the most rewarding.
  7. Just use these passwords: Jolees robes a_robe_27 Bindos Band u_l_colo_07
  8. I saw these black robes of darth sidious on ebay. If you wear those black robes with the mask and a red FX Lightsaber you will be quite a badass.
  9. Where on dantoine do you get force crush and force enlightenment?
  10. What do you think is the best attribute? Now, I understand the importance of certain attributes are dependent on what class you are, but what do you think is the best to have in every situation. I voted Charisma, which in my opinion is the best attribute. Perhapes because Im a grey jedi and require alot of it, but I always put lots of points into this regardless of which alignment I am. The power it gives your companions is just incredible.
  11. In Kotor1 Scoundrel/Consular Strength:12 Dexterity:14 Constitution:14 Intellegence:12 Wisdom:14 Charisma:12 In Kotor2 Consular/Jedi Master Strength:10 Dexterity:14 Constitution:12 Intellegince:12 Wisdom:14 Charisma:16
  12. But thats exactly what Im saying. Having just light side powers isn't good enough, which is all the more reason to be a grey jedi so you can us the best powers of each side. I do understand that 50 force points is a nice thing, but honestly, once you have at least 300 force points just from leveling up you'll never run out. All it takes is one force storm to clear a room, and thats only like 10points or something. Its unrealistic to think you'll drasticly need those extra force points.
  13. Why. While being grey I can walk both the dark and light side using the best powers of each encouperating them into a powerful character. Join me and become a grey jedi. Us grey jedi seek knowledge, understanding, and power both in the light and dark side. To limit ones mind to a certain point of view is unwise.
  14. Thanks I didn't know that. What about my endgame though?
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