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  1. On tatooine when that guy is stuck with the 4 machines that will blow up if you move you tell him you wont help him and you will sip some ice cold water and laugh at him. Also The lady that tells you to sell a hunters item on tatooine and you force persuade her to give it to you and you keep it and the money forcing her to starve.
  2. I remember Kreia once said that she hates liers and despises them. Maybe shes a hypocrite? i doubt it. Maybe there is a possibility that Kreia is still alive. Could it be possible that she cut herself off from the force before she died? maybe that would also cut off the bond. Just some thoughts. But ya Zelean is right that unless kreia lied when the exile was unconsious or the bond was cut off later.
  3. I also like using two single blades. After Episode 1 everyone was like WOW TEH DOUBLEBLADE IS TEH BEST but i never really liked it. Two single blades offer more freedom. I mean u can block a person with one lightsaber and stab them with the other.
  4. Earth is the most beautiful planet in my opinion...
  5. well you think it would at least affect him in some way.
  6. When you kill Kreia at the end of the game how come id didnt effect the exile? I thought because of the bond if one dies the other dies too.
  7. Whoever said the One was the hardest boss deserves to be shot. he wasnt even like a boss. i just used force wave a couple of times on him and he died. Id have to say malak was the hardest. Lol and for the guys on Kotor 2 the three dark jedi on freedom nadd. I just ran around the room and had atton attak them and die and he used his special to come back alive and fight some more. while i was running around throwing gernades.
  8. well i do animations on the computer and stuff like that so i do require a good computer so Im definently going to upgrade the comptuter. I use my computer all the time so i might as well spend my time on a good computer. Im just wondering what choice would most likely get kotor 2 working. maybe i should get The Crucial RADEON 9600SE 128MB AGP and then later get 512mb. btw are u sure if i get one of these graphics cards that my ram will go back up to 512? Thanks for all the help you have given me.
  9. so what would you guys recommend out of these choices i cant decide what would be best. getting 1.The Crucial RADEON 9600SE 128MB AGP for $78 2. The 512mb stick for $64 3. The Crucial RADEON 9250 128MB AGP AND a 256MB stick (totaling $80)
  10. doesent the video card u reccomended have problems with kotor 2? sorry guys im just really bad with computers and am scared to make a decision for myself considering i could spend alot of money and the game still doesent work. thanks for the help :D i just need u guys to give more suggestions before i decide. also it only suggests radeon cards. is my comp not compatible with nvida?
  11. so what graphics card do you reccomend i get and are you sure kotor 2 would then work? and would everything on the computer run faster?
  12. so what would you guys recomend? also what do you think is the minimum i could get to get this game working?
  13. so what does this mean? do you reccomend i get it? would it add to my ram now or would it just replace it? also would getting this and not a new graphics card be a bad idea?
  14. ok here are the results. http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/views...abid=&pagename=
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