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  1. Alignment does not shift properly in this game. When you select a character and exit the ebon hawk, sometimes the npc's alignment will shift greatly for no other reason than you have exited. The game is not supposed to do this. Dont worry. It has no effect on their influence or any part of the game.
  2. Do you have a high healing skill? If so, use life support packs instead of master heal. It heals you much faster. Use a special attack on vrook (critical strike, flurry strike, power attack) and use life support packs to heal you. He should fall fairly easily.
  3. Ive always had a problem with the npc's alignment shifting back and forth for no reason. I just ignore it. certain characters gain influence by lightside acts only and others by darkside acts. It doesnt matter what their alignment is. Those alignment shifts shouldnt affect the game. It hasnt effected mine. As far as why it happens... When you do a lightside act or say something to them their alignment should shift a little towards the lightside. If you do darkside acts or dialogs it should shift to the darkside. This has never worked properly in my game but it doesnt affect the
  4. I actually had the same problem with nar shadaa. When I exited the ebon hawk my game would freeze on the load screen. The only thing I could do was ctrl-alt-delete to shut it down and it would ask if I was sure I would lose unsaved data. I know for a fact that it was caused by the save game, because I uninstalled and reinstalled KOTOR 2 and had the same problem.
  5. Thats exactly it. DO NOT say you'll lower your weapons when handmaiden asks. If you say anything else it will trigger dialog from kriea and a cutscene. If you dont get that dialog and cutscene you have to reload. Just to be on the safe side, I always save before I enter the academy.
  6. I have played both light side and darkside. She seems to be a metiocre npc, but the game hints that she is somehow important without explaining.
  7. I did a search and got way too many hits (over 3000). Please answer the question or provide a link to the thread, because I am sure it has been asked and answered before. Who is Mira? Why is she so important? Why does Kriea save Hanharr to kill her?
  8. The code to open the door is 7,5,13,17,3. Its not a math problem. You just need to reverse the code.
  9. The disable vertex buffer objects only works on dantooine's exterior. If you have a lag anwhere else it wont work.
  10. If you can see the menu, then try going to options, graphics, advanced, and change and change the settings. For example, change from high to medium, then back to high. When you close the options menu your graphics will automatically reset.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but the number of skill points you get upon levelling up is affected by both class and intelligence.
  12. Your save game is probably corrupted. That means you either go to a previous save or start over if you have none. Save game editors are fan made programs. There is no way anyone here can tell whether your sge is a good one or is butchering your saved games. Try not using your sge on your autosave. That way if your saved game is corrupted and the autosave is fine you would know that it is your editor causing the problem and not just a bug in the game itself.
  13. He's just jealous. You cant update or use cheats with the xbox version. Buy the PC version and quit complaining about cheats. You do it on every thread.
  14. Kotor 1 is vastly superior in all things. It has less bugs, does not crash as much, has interesting characters with completed storylines, and it has a complete ending that makes sense without reading extra content. The only thing good about kotor 2 is that it was made on the same platform and has new content. It is a poor version of kotor 1, but even a poor version is worth playing.
  15. There is a simple answer, if you dont want to read through those web pages. When handmaiden asks you to drop your weapons, say anything but yes, and that will trigger Kriea's dialog and fix the prolbem. You have to start over, however, with the telos academy.
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