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  1. iv been trying to look up the code, just to do it, but i havent been able to find the code for it.
  2. i realized several people has asked this question, i did a search but none of the threads really answerd what i wanted to know. i already got that itorian whatever guy to leave, without getting the power cell for the airspeeder, iv never done it b4 and im just trying to gain influence with bao dur. so is there any other way to get a power cell anywhere else?
  3. alright, i understand this time lol, alright thanks for the help man, and yeah dxun has always been last.
  4. "Kelborn doesn't send you a message until after you've finished the next planet quest-" i dont quite understand what u sayin there lol. iv been to dxun, did all the stuff i had to do to get to onderon, so iv been there, iv met with kavar, and kavar said he had to leave but he would send me a messege, so then i return to dxun, and if i remmeber when my game worked correctly, when you arrived at the ebon hawk, and boarded it i believe, then u got a messege from helborn saying he had a messege from kavar, and u go to the mandalorian place and u see the messege and then u go to onderon while ur other team go to that tomb, but as soon as i arrive back at dxun, mandalore becomes a person u can control, and all kelborn says is if things change planetside, i'll send u a messege, i go to ebon hawk and i dont ever receive anything, so im just stuck on dxun. only planet iv not been to yet is korriban, but i dont think it matters what order u play the game in, so i dont know why im stuck like i am. iv played the game like 7 times and beat it all the time, and now im getting this problem, iv bought a new game and it still has it, iv also reinstalled.
  5. hey, iv been having this problem alot, when i get to dxun and onderon, after i talk to master kavar, he says he will contact u later, well then u go to ur ship and return to dxun, well im pretty much stuck after that, i dont get the messege that kelborn is suppost to give me, so i cant go to the tomb of freedom whoever or finish my game, im just stuck, any 1 know how to fix this?
  6. i do got 2 drives but my other drive is broken right now, im going to try some things but if it keeps messing up and i cant fix it im just gona restore my computer, its time it needs to be wiped anyways and redid, and no i dont have any mods, anyways this is my last post i just wanted to see if any1 knew, thanks for the answers, i'll try what yall said and if it dont work i'll reformate, peace.
  7. iv wonderd this, sometimes, alot of times, when ever i talk to a party member, or i just get out of combat, for some reason my party members fall to the dark side, and its just random, they can be lightside then u fight, or talk about something, ( not gaining influence) and then they are just dark side, is there a way to fix this problem? or does anyone know why it even happens? I would try to unistall my game but it wont unistall, for some reason the setup folder cannot be found, iv tried everything, its just gone, but the game still plays, but it wont let me unistall/reistall without the folder.
  8. i thought of something and had a idea and had to ask, handmaiden becomes jedi... for me it was near the end of the game... well is it possible to make her become a jedi earlier in the game other then olderon/dxen?
  9. alright, it all worked, thank you for the people who helped me. see ya again sometime
  10. do i need something like winrar to open this file?
  11. i been looking around and found a topic on the same case i have a problem on... http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?sh...7&hl=handmaiden but i guess the only thing is i dont know what to do with the file i downloaded
  12. sorry for making u haft to repeat yourself on the fourm earlier, i did not read the anouncment top post here untill i already done so... anyways i have downloaded the fix thing and it looks like a pice of paper with a bent cornor... im sure its suppost look like that but when i open it it ask me what do i want open it with, i figure just i-net explore... but anyways i dont know what i do with this fix... so all i have done has been downloaded it so what do i need do?
  13. hello, i am almost at the end of the game, i am on planet dxun just beat onderon, iv beat the game several times but iv never done this or seen this problem... when i take on the handmadin as my padawan, it shows the kria cutscene and she says *betrayal* then the game loads to the telos seceret academy but it shows me in it... i have read on a faqs that i am not suppost to be in that, that it is a cutscene and i cannot get out... what do i do to get past this part ?
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