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  1. I guess this is my GNC moment? Uninstall . . . Wipe all KotOR files . . .Defrag . . . Reinstall . . . Defrag??? Ideas? Anyone?
  2. Fond this on one of the forms . . . and be for you ask, yes I did updates of everything . . . ATI X300/X550, Patch KotOR2, Windows Update, Movie Patch, Defrag, Virus Scan, Mel/Ad-ware scan. Still can't get off the ship
  3. This problem fist popped up on Koraban. Get there and step on the ramp, Party Selection screen pops up, everything fine, get off the Ebon Hawk. Get back on the Ebon Hawk and try to get back dirt side . . . all I get is a black screen, and the green cursor. If I <alt> + <F4> I get the green "Are you sure. All data will be lost"(or something like that) [OK] [Cancel] Not a big problem, I just did Koraban in one stop. Kill everything, get back on ship, head to next world. Did all the worlds, got called back by Queen, worked fine. Now the problem is that Kreia will not talk to me until we go to Dantoine. Step on ramp > Party Selection > Black Screen.
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