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  1. I never made the influence checks with HK-47. I read somewhere that it would be definitely worth it, though. So whats the bonus if you exerce alle the influence on HK-47? btw, I will try him next time with a war-bowcaster (triple crit damage). Should be a blast in combo with his killer protocols.
  2. Ah guys, I have found the solution. Waayyy back, when I last played this game, I think I did install a mod which made the classes more difficult and different to play. This is why the stats do differ. The Consular gets most skillpoints in my version, but his base attack bonus is severely cut. At lvl 23, she has a +17 b.a.b. The sentinel has still the most class skills, but only second highest skill points per level. Only that I don
  3. Already in K1, the named equipment was misleading; Mission was good with Zaalbars bowcaster and Zaalbar was good with Missions Vibroblade. Specializing on Canderous
  4. I just testet this out: INT 14 Sentinel: 16 skillpoints at start, 4 per level and now... Consular: 20 skillpoints at start, 5 per level (!!!!) This seems to be a bug? Consulars have more skillpoints than sentinels???
  5. Uuups. I have to rework some things anyway, but this blunder will be corrected right now. I just started writing. It is about trying to get some sense into this whole story, about finding the continuity. So perhaps you will notice some hidden criticism on the plot and storyline which was imposed upon us poor players, in truth, I hope you will.
  6. day3;18:19 - It has been quite some times that I have seen so much death. And if I knew before, now I have proof on the jailkeeper. HK-50 played them a nose all along. Would that I had confronted that droid earlier; but there never was a chance for a proper dialogue. Suxx. That wrecker has blocked the main elevator which leads throughout the mining station. I am now in front of it, having to cope with the situation that I found out the code, but that being the one *before* that HK-sucker had it changed. I feel rage... so much death... and I feel the force, which makes that mundande emotion so much more dangerous. But I should log this stuff in the proper order. Day2; resume I found a a way out the admin level where I was initially stuck. Had to do with that HK. An airlock proved to be the work around in order to access the living quarters. It was voice locked by some poor dead-now fellow. I tricked all this out of the HK-unit by appealing to its vanity. It had recorded the last few moments of that poor sod. And it had also the access code memorized. And I have that nifty sonic sensor. The rest was a matter of persuasiveness. My suspicions about the cause of all this havoc were pretty strong , but I was deluded again. Maybe it had to do with the point where airvents opened up an threw their glowing hot gases in my direction. Looked like it should have made my way on the asteroids
  7. day 2, 09:45 - Test, test. - - I am the Exile. (Yeah, right. That title echoes all and again through my head, coming and going through nowhere.) Ahem. Kell Jace here. Well, the sonic sensor seems to work. Have a quite moment and dictate this in order to get some clear mind here. day 1; resume Woke up in this Kolto-Tank, awakened by a voice. Lucky me, the automatic procedures freed me before I could actually drown in that sticky kolto stuff. The med bay was void of living persons. Neighboring Kolto-Tanks had also guests, but monitors showed only death. Medical logs, talking about me having arrived by a ship named Ebon Hawk, together with an old woman and a bunch of droids. Would that I knew... By the by, this is Peragus mining station. Very warm welcome. Interesting: Someone fiddled with the med-bay; those other poor fellows have been murdered. Why not me...wait... my Kolto was poisoned, too! Tough thing, thats probably why I feel so out of sync. Encountered an old woman who first looked dead; fittingly, because she was actually bedded in the crematory. Felt like in a horror flick when she suddenly rose behind my back and called on me. She seems to know me, even something about jedi heritage. Me got some faint acqaintance; it was *her* voice which woke me ...uh.. from the dead? Perhaps I did the same thing as her before I woke from that Kolto-Tank. No... at least I *did* show some signs if live. Kreia is her name. Tells me something about freeing me from the Harbringer, a republican ship. Some bells ring. I think I actually shipped on that one some time ago. Don
  8. Will you goddamn stop this stupid discussion which has *nothing* to do with aimos scetches??? Dammit! You people are so godamn reckless impolite! Reallly!
  9. Fantastic work. Had to chime in also in this topic. Perhaps a scene where the much and unjustly shunned Disciple play a major role? The one where she confesses, visibly battered and beaten, that the jedi council wanted to seperate her from the force and kreia killed them. Disciple is doing a very good job in putting her back into the right perspective again. I think this scene is very emotional, deserving a nice drawing.
  10. Fantastic. Simply fantastic. Your scetches in the other topic, too, Eisu. Unlike in the game, you actually see their facial expressions; smiles, mygod the sneer of kreia in the very first is superb! I wish there was a way to do a good comic where ALL characters have something to do and to say, everybody his own proper story and fate... *sigh* My only, tiniest, gripe is that your female exile looks a bit too childish/girlish. It is probably the tiny nose which produces that effect on me... or rather that she just does not fit in my image as a female harsh lone wolf type. The scenes chosen are beautiful; especially the one where she initiates Mira!!! Loveit!!!!
  11. Ah, thanks! So I jstu took the wrong dialogue options with Akkere. LOL. That is one hell of a game! BTW, I am still angry with that door in the Korriban academy, meaning not getting that holocron. If it was sealed by a lightsword (I think handmaiden exlains it this way), it can be opened by a lighsword. Damnit!
  12. Visa will teach force sight to you, if you ask her nicely enough, but you have to use it as any other force power. Visas special ability is that she has it automatically when in first person sight. Should be activated by Capslock, iirc. But still a very useless power imho.
  13. There are two stash locations on Dxun. One is part of a reknown quest, the other one lacks the proper explosives. Now, I read a walkthrough which told me to look out for Thorium charges which could be used to acces the second stash. However, I only found Thorium on Korriban, where you are supposed to use it on that locked door in the Academy(sideline: I do not suppose that there would be a way to get to that holocron without destroying it?). So, is it possible to access the second stash on Dxun? The walkthrough stated that the trader for droid parts on Dantoine had them. But not in my version. Am I missing something?
  14. I imagine Revan to be male; the force-bond with Bastila enhanced by that "fell in love on sight" just fits very well. The Exile seems more female to me. Don
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