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  1. No Rush, take your time to get it spot on Team Gizka. The longer we wait (within reason ), the more satisfied we will be when it finally comes out.
  2. This coincides nicely with the recent update for TSLRP. Nice to see updates on both fronts
  3. Maybe the kolto tank got to the exile and he/she started hallucinate and started seeing Sith Soldiers instead of Droids :D
  4. I know of a darkside glitch, but you must have handmaiden and still be sparring with her. It basically involves begining the sparring session, then ending it prematurely (put on clothes or use a weapon etc.) then when you get the conversation dialogs, make sure you choose the nastiest dialogue (I cant remember the exact order, but its just picking the cruelest lines and insulting her, and make sure its her who ends the conversation). when thats finished, you should get some DS points, and be able to restart that sparring session with her again. (it will take time to get to fully DS )
  5. Christmas is comming early this year maybe... (or on time )
  6. I dont think, just wonder where that extra space in the Ebon Hawk has gone
  7. No, not cheaters, Exploiters. They are technically not cheating, just taking advantage of an ingame glitch... I too recommend the Hisiss exploit, but only for the strong. (If you are a Consular/Jedi Master/Sith Lord it should be a cakewalk, spawn as many Hisiss as you want {I can get 12 or more}, Freeze them all using Insanity or similar Power, then Force Storm them all. This gives you alot of quick kills for a good amount of XP.)
  8. I know that G0-T0 has been established as the worst Character (I voted him worst aswell), but
  9. Bastard Microsoft! *closes MSN Messenger, Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Movie Maker and forgets that I'm running on Windows XP* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You forgot Internet Explorer (w00t) {Unless you are on Firefox :ph34r:} So does anyone know where to get that Sion Vs Nihilus Module now that pcgamemods.com is definately gone?
  10. ...or for you to sell its bad IMO because you can get enough red crystals from all those Dark Jedi that come to get you Even if you had all 4 party members carrying two lightsabers each, there's 8 colour crystal slots Max. Thats more than covered by the Dantooine Cave and the Dark Jedi. Best thing to do with them is to sell them to the Rodian on the space station over Yavin (Suvam Tamm)
  11. The catch is, only DS players can use that crystal (LS and Neutral Im sure wont be able to equip it). I mainly play LS, so I would say 1st and 5th choices too.
  12. Im sure you dont need to buy him back, because he will infiltrate Voggas storage room for you... @icebox15: Im pretty sure his slot in the party menu is just greyed out (like it is on your 1st run through Telos)
  13. The 1st question would be to PC players "do you have any mods". If not, then you have found yet another KotOR II bug
  14. I dont see why it should be evil siding with Czerka, I mean some people like machine cities, while others hate rural farmlands... Surely KotOR isnt saying "if you side with big machines, you must be evil"
  15. Does anyone know where else to get Sion Vs Nihilus Module from? PCgamemods.com is dead apparantly
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