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  1. Am I the only one for whom the "Save Checkpoint" button isn't working properly? It works fine enough when in a safe-house but out on a mission, loading a user-made save seems to just take the player back to the last autosave.
  2. After all that has happened, still you live? You are difficult to kill.

  3. I think you do. Edit: Speaking of which, has anyone Alpha Protocol'd a barrel or a crate yet?
  4. Do you really think that's the most important part of the game? /facepalm This. Interesting, all the same...
  5. You're quite the master of disguise, Mr. McGinnis. Good luck in whatever you're moving on to. May I ask how this affects the outlook for future NWN2 patches?
  6. I'd prefer Obsidian to concentrate on the essentials, such as crates, before moving on to such... extravagant gameplay elements.
  7. It's more a matter of formatting. The site's rather old and the news system really wasn't designed for posting large amounts of text all at once and it begins to look very messy when you have over 1000 words in a post. If a large number of people have a problem with this then I will post all parts of future features at once with links from one piece to another.
  8. I wouldn't agree with that, you know. The Church of England is essentially a political institution and there is a long-standing tradition in the Commons that if you mention the man upstairs you get nudged down the hall (i.e. to the Lords) and out of office. The U.K. is very much a secular society... and 15% or so of the population are atheists according to the last Census, I believe. If you factor in agnostics then I imagine the number is much higher.
  9. Will there be a sort of "fast travel" feature in SoZ? I'm just thinking that if I have a quest which demands that I move from city X to city Y (which is on the other side of the continent), the last thing I want to do is have to wander through the wilderness for five minutes...
  10. If the devs are still reading this then I'd actually like to ask a question: You say that the combat is going to be aimed at a more 'hardcore' audience but will other areas of gameplay be equally so? Will I be able to talk my way out of an encounter with some bandits or use the stealth skill to successfully infiltrate an enemy base and have the game both respect and respond to my decision to use stealth? Will dialogue progress the plot more than mindlessly gutting people? Will there be cats?
  11. The crates are spreading? I wonder if barrels and cats will catch on in other forums.
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