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  1. It would like to know which it is the best Kotor. The first or the second?? I bought Kotor 2 recently but I never played the first. It worths buying the first?
  2. Only in a game that you meet in the middle of galaxia women with this pretty body. If exist in the Way Lactea a planet where just there are women this way, we will be accomplished boys. I think I am playing too much!!! hahaha Jesus.
  3. It means that Bao Dur is good to give punches? With the same fists? Or better do he use a sword? what tells me of Bao dur Use a rifle?
  4. Yes I tried to do these things that you told. But eperam are you playing in that difficulty? I play in the medium.
  5. This part of the game is very difficult, I lost two characters including Jedi to manage to kill all the mercenary that were keeping the door of the tunnel. I just stayed with Atton, I had to retreat constantly to manage to kill those two towers that stay in the ramp. I stayed without grenade and without Packages of energy. Do anybody also had problems in this part to manage to kill the rebels? Or it will be that I was mistaken ha hour to choosing better my attributes??
  6. Hi, I talk about Brazil and recently acquired the game Kotor2. The problem for me is that the game this all in English and do not manage to understand the history of the game. Put me know how to translate him for the Portuguese. For that I need publish the file dialogs.tlk and to translate the conversations for the Portuguese. The problem is that even now I did not manage to find a program to publish that file TLK. Perhaps you American know some program that Publishes that file and can help to get him. Whether someone knows some program or has please help me sending him for me or showing me an URL where I can give download. Thank you very much Paulo Canosa PS: apologize my English.
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