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  1. Hmm, i tot one can still remain lightsided after killing Jedi Masters?
  2. Er, i think some people have misinterpreted my message. What i meant wasnt juz about remaining lightsided, but also retaining a LS ending, including getting the lightside Force enlightment instead of the DS force crush.
  3. Cool man, but is it still possible to complete the game as LS or does it change to a dark side ending after Dantooine?
  4. Here'e a noob question so pardon me. Considering the buggy state of the game, I was wondering if there were any bugs that would make it possible to murder all the jedi masters and still remain lightside. Sure could use all the extra force points from killing them....
  5. K, thxs for all your help. If you all got any more ideas on how to get this working, pls post here i'll appreciate it!
  6. i already did that but no effects. What i fear is that this is a bug for the PC but not Xbox... I am running on a PC version.... if thats the case, then WHERE IS THE PATCH?
  7. i got the lesson and gone through the whole thing but no bonus... sob! Alot of people also didnt get as u guys can see...
  8. Did u get that as a skill increase or a bonus, ie '+1' in yellow. Another thing, does the influence or character lvl count to this? i have been very puzzled about this as some ppl seem to get and some ppl dun seem to get the bonus. The skills would come in handy when crafting items, ya?
  9. The problem is i loaded a game and put at least 1 pt into every skill and still didnt get the bonus...
  10. Thanks for all the reply, but is there any1 that has actually seen the bonuses or is it really a bug? I mean we can see the bonus to awareness in her 1st sight test rite?
  11. When, i was learning the sight and hearing lessons from Kreia on the enbony hawk, i complete the skill test but did not recieve any bonuses to my highest and lowest skill (although i did get the XP and force points increase). I reloaded and retried many times with different skills but i still didnt get the bonuses. Any1 knows why?
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