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  1. Do you gain anything by changing the will found on the dead corpse(dantooine)?I didn't get any extras....
  2. DANTOOINE must be the first IMHO...you get there your cristal which rulez.... I did dantooine>onderon>narshaada>onderon>koriban>>>> two times now,and it was pretty good.Now trying a different order :D
  3. I don't get it 'tho how you can complete Galactic History bonus quest...it says that kreia will brief you right after peragus,but she doesn't say much about history...
  4. My first impression when I heard him was that he is a wookie You know...a bad ass wookie can sound like that...
  5. Thanks.And what are the special powers for those classes?
  6. I am curious to find out what 'inspire followers I-VI' actually does,as it doesn't appear in my jedi master's power list (bug) and when I cast it I can't find the difference... I also want to ask the same about crush opposition,and if you can tell me what's the special power for sith lord,jedi watchman and master (like force crush to sith assasin). Thanks!
  7. Force Storm.....it's the same as force light...i don't get it...the sith lord has a duplicate spell or what? And inspire followers from jedi master...pretty useless...just gives them some sav throws bonus.
  8. I made him die slowly,in agony :evil: How? Adesive grenade,frag,frag,frag,adesive,frag,frag,frag
  9. Obviously something cut....reasons: unknown :D
  10. I've tried both of them and I don't know...when I played jedi I felt good,when I've played Sith I didn't enjoyed killling all those inocents with such cruelty....I quite felt bad for them I guess I'm stuck with the LightSide :D
  11. Man...the Ravager is a Sith warship-Republic model...where on earth have you been while kotor 1 was out there?IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME MODEL Sith were using in kotor 1....It's exactly like the leviathan...
  12. Oh,you have your point,I've only exagerated a little bit,to underline my idea.My apologies :D I only wished to tell that this is not history and we don't have to fight for it ( there were a couple of posts who almosts started a fight about the origins of true sith).
  13. I loved to read the last pages,but as I am the original poester I have to clear up 2 things: 1)This is a topic about the mandalorian wars NOT about the sith vs. the true sith. 2)There are some of you who speak about the facts,events, as it was history....amazing and fascinating....how one can become 'sunk' into an universe....people,this universe is something invented by George Lucas...Anyone can have a version about the true sith,as nothing is actually written :D (or history) It is like hagglin why Fafnir was the best dragon in NWN....
  14. Much of what you said makes sense,thanks. I said that the sith trained the mandalorians,because that's what they say anytime...you know the "Stop trying your jedi tricks on me,I was trained by the sith to resist !" that many mandalorians say when u use force persuade on them... And anyway,this is what ATTON says too in the end if you are DS female and 100 influence on him...
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