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  1. Hmm, interesting stuff here. I had been confused about how influence works. Also I didn't realise you could unlock conversations with NEGATIVE influence as well as positive. I suppose all that means is that the person will hate your guts and be an opposite alignment to yours, right? So if as a Darksider I treat Hanharr like the scum he is I'll actually push him towards the Light? Some Sith Lord I am, eh. :D
  2. It would be a shame if they did, but unfortunately it wouldn't be a suprise, after reading all the whinging and sledging of their company from various people here. Must get them down a bit, eh.
  3. A nudge in the right direction would certainly help.
  4. Are there any NPCs that need to be kept with your character on a regular basis, for storyline purposes? I'm on my first run through the game and am not sure who to drop/keep when I pick up new NPCs. For example, Kreia seems kind of important - should I have her in my party all the time (bit like Bastila in KOTOR I)? I'm playing a female lightside sentinel, does this mean I don't need Visas? Or does she have a story that could prove important? I'm less concerned with "party fit" than I am with storyline fit. Also, are there specific NPC quests per planet (eg Mission-Tattoine in KOTOR I) or can I safely mix and match without fear of missing out on an important plotline? Any help would be welcomed.
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