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  1. Have you allready seen it?I didn't...when it'll be ready,then we will discuss it...
  2. Interesting what is tour favorite Episode.To my mind it is IV a New hope
  3. Why are you speaking about the mind truck,is this alone Power of the Force?There are a lot of other interesting and usefull powers...like Pushing or something other,not only mynd truck...
  4. I have a lot of avatars,here are some...
  5. Well,then follow this link http://mirridius.narod.ru and enter "Чат",there in the first line write your nickname and press "Вход",understood?
  6. Sithmasteryoungy,do you have an ICQ?My number is 231464397,conect with me,I wonna speak with you...
  7. My favourite hero is Obi-Van too,wich means that my favourite color is blue...
  8. At first,I am not very good Jedi to teach anyone,at the second I don't know english very well to speak with you...I'm from Russia...
  9. Well,I've chosen KOTOR II,but I still haven't completed it...I can't say with the full sure...
  10. I'll not praise myself!Real jedi shall allways think that he is the worst,as I do...or try to do...
  11. Me?There is no such a question for me,Jedi of course!The Force is allways with them...and with me...
  12. Reveilled,hm...listen to your heard and you will find answers to all of your and other's questions...
  13. Sithmasteryoungy,strenge avatar...Blue and red...darkness and light...jedi and sith,what is your choice?
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