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    Pres. Bush bashing.... skiing (downhill of course!), tennis, and most importantly.........WOMEN!!!! *wink, wink*
  1. U guys gotta get sum GFs jeezus.... i mean being a geek is great but....comon, pixilation is like porn.... it only goes so FAR....!!! Got it? cool woot geekiness!!! (w00t)
  2. I doubt that they will say anything... but if they do it will be pretty much worthless, i mean in what game has the villager known more or divulged more than a more major character? riddle me this!
  3. dude.... not cool man... CYAN is the color of real men, purple is the color of their short shorts..... lol <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Psh, before people started sucking, only kings and rich people had purple. Its just a statement that I'm better than everyone else <{POST_SNAPBACK}> dude, do u know why they only had purple and why it was so hard to find? i do, so shut ur hole...
  4. dude.... not cool man... CYAN is the color of real men, purple is the color of their short shorts..... lol
  5. I have to agree, the end was not the best it could have been. Although this has been mentioned MANY times throughout the whole spoilers thread... so.... read the rest of them and then it might make more sense... aight man...
  6. Not really, i don think silver looks better evil... red is the way to go if ur evil and silver if u r good...
  7. I know he is ur master, u two were talking on my last thread.... lol
  8. Yo man, lets keep the luvin out of the forum buddy... thanks...
  9. WTF RU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!!!! if ur not sith u do not deserve to live!!!! btw.... SITH ROOLS
  10. What are the colors that u can get, are viridian and silver the two rarest? i only found one silver in all the many times i beat the game!! this is upsetting
  11. Yah, but is it worth the feats to get it? <_<
  12. I didn't notice that at the time but now that i think about it he could be Red Green. Maybe that's who fixed up the enclave... :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I thought that as well but i never saw a thread... so i just assumed it was me... w/e :D
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