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  1. I thought that the ending was either left open ended to make way for a third game.....or it was rushed and neglected.
  2. after getting GO-TO as a party member, did anyone else get the cutscene where it destroyed Bao-dur's remote? What was the point of that cutscene, and why was the remote still there after you walk into the room with the workbench? Thought that was kind of wierd.
  3. This has some spoilers (duh) explaining the ending, so please take warning... I have to say, I was really disappointed in the ending - I just completed the game as a light sider. A few things that made me go Hmmm... -- 1) Kreia- how did she get to be so good with a lightsaber? I never spent a single feat in any kind of meelee weapon, lightsaber related, flurry, power attack, etc? Was the "final" Kreia just a completely different character than the one we've leveled up since the beginning of the game? 2) when setting up the charges with Bao-dur's remote, and GO-TO's cutscene...what was the deal with that? I know that GO-TO planned to interfere with the final order...but there didn't seem to be any closure to that at all. In other words, it looked like something they didn't have time to finish before putting the game on the shelf?! 3) While I thought the final moments of the game were incredible, I was really upset to see that all we got out of the rest of the crew, were some "future premonitions" that Kreia spoke about. Why didn't the devs just let each character have a short word with the main character afterwards?? I thought that was really sloppy. What became of Visas, if you went along with the romance? That was poorly done, IMO. 4) How the hell did the ebon hawk ever get out of Malacor?! It appeared to be completely wrecked when it was wedged between the two rockfaces. There was also no place for it to take off from, after it fell into the crevass. Sorry to be a skeptic, these are just my feelings about the end of the game. I'm really hoping the darkside ending is a little more satisfying. Overall, I still think this game was incredible. It took me about 5 days to beat, spending a few hours per day.
  4. Bioware = making Dragon Age. Obsidian = Making NWN2. You will buy = ??? :D
  5. I know this is going to sound stupid, but why did they drop NWN 2, just to create something else just like it??
  6. sorry if this has been discussed, but I searched and nothing came up....what's the deal with Bioware's Dragon Age? It looks a hell of a lot like NWN, with nice looking graphics and a toolset/multiplayer option. Is this supposed to be competing with NWN 2 or something?
  7. I'm here because it helps me waste some more time at work. Beyond that, I want to see how NWN gets improved graphically and read about changes that will make MP better.
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