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  1. I would implement it like you said, but with a slight modification. The AI should stand only if the player has already ended his turn. Since the chance of busting is high for the player on the next turn. If the player hits 20 the AI still keeps playing. This can be important if it's the deciding game for the player. But whether the decision not to stand is right in other cases also depends on the sidecards of the player (existence of negative cards). A look at the player's cards might be helpful here...
  2. True but K1 had a better story. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True K1 was a better game but it had a better story.
  3. I didn't vote #3, rather #1, but I agree with you on that. These parts of the story(Force Wound/Echo/Void) and the roles of the characters therein were confusing and surreal on my first play-through. (Does it matter that I was ill and had a temperature of 39
  4. read this its a nice story http://www.About the REAL Supershadow.com
  5. Yep, Lord Satan, you're right... we don't know much about you...
  6. Needless to say, they can have as much time as they need, and without any guarantee that they'll ever succeed. But the modder team must be aware of the fact that they raised many expectations with their public announcement to restore Kotor2 content. I think they have to live with the consequences...
  7. Excuse me, I'm a non-native speaker. Is this meant to be ambiguous?
  8. That sounds like a quote from the luckiest Jedi ever. (obi)
  9. Yes, but the luck was against him. (thanks to madman Anakin)
  10. Did you read the excerpt? Because comments from Mace like "He's too strong for me" don't sound like something a guy would say when they're "wiping the floor" with someone. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "Wiping the floor" is exaggerative. But Palpatine's "face lift" tells that he also isn't wiping any floor...
  11. What Nur said was also my impression of the movie. And you don't even have to read the novel to get this. Palps tries to flee from Yoda. Remember his facial expression (fear/pain) when he realises that Yoda is a much more powerful force user. And for the duel with Mace Sidious _really_ needed the help of Anakin as his saber skills and lightning storm didn't had the desired effect. It's the invention of Sidious devotees who haven't watched the film attentively enough. ps.: Quote from GL to fan speculations: "Palpatine is NOT behind EVERYTHING!"
  12. I'd recommend some of you should watch the movie a second time. Look carefully at Sidious' facial expressions. There IS a lot uncertainty, surprise and fear. Then tell me whether you still hold Sidious was just "toying" with Yoda & Mace...
  13. I wonder how big such a multimedia patch with high-res movies and CD quality music would be? 50, 100Mb or more? Perhaps LA had concerns about their server bandwidth and skipped the release...
  14. The topic starter complained about plotholes and the unfinished ending in the first place. Now you are only talking about the multimedia patch. And John Morgan didn't promise *new* movies but better resolutions.
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