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  1. is that true that TSLRP team is going to make the M4-78 mod works with their own? that'd be kind of cool
  2. damn, I found the TSLRP thread on the second page...looks like the beginning of the end
  3. hey, I just saw in the "views issues" list on mantis that the count is down to 19...
  4. This does raise one interesting question-how did T3 know the Exile was a Jedi? The Exile had been away from Republic space since the end of the Mandolorian wars, something like 7 1/2 years ago, but T3 is only five years old so he can't have seen the Exile on the news and according the HK-47 information on specific Jedi was not widely avalible. Did someone give T3 detailed information on all the Jedi that were known to still be alive at the end of the Civil war? Don't forget that the Exile was under Revan's orders in the mandalorian wars, so maybe revan give a list of his (her) formers g
  5. that was said in the story! Kreia find the exile while traveling with T3, that's not T3 that had found out where the exile was!
  6. that's frustating, I'd just like to know how Kreia get the Ebon Hawk as Revan was in the unknown regions
  7. I heard the TSL are going to put it in the walkthrough if it interest you...there's no deadline about their project though (still 21 bugs left)
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