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  1. Technically it's not really a step backwards or forwards. I mean, in the end we don't know how many more issues might be found, and just because the number went up because we were ignorant of them before, we are still technically in the same position, regardless of numbers... (I didn't take philosophy for a good reason, I can be quite, it doesn't matter and matter of fact ) I mean, it comes when it's done *braces self for flying objects being hurled towards her for her detached response*
  2. Just to summarise, I decided to keep it. They said that I must have found an old link of their website as their website has been down for a few months. However even if this is true and it is an old link from a few months ago it does contradict with their, 'we haven't had a UK copy of it for over two years' lol. Ah well. As long as I get the colour manual in nice condition I will be happy. ^^
  3. I will join you on devil's advocate for Revan. a. because I was Revan. ^^ and b. because I barely remember Nihilus being in Kotor 2... unless he's also in another game or something and that's why there is such a debate on his power... I just swear he had one scene and died.
  4. Whooo (I don't know why but I really like that emoticon). And by the way, maybe I got some wires crossed but doesn't this happen: [NR] Kreia isn't fond of droids either - After the player has witnessed the message from Bastila/Carth, Kreia, during an entry scene, will blast T3 with some force lightning in anger since the PC seemed to have a fondness for the droids. I swear I saw Kreia force lightning T3 after getting a message from Carth and then T3 never tells me the message? I really really swear I saw that ingame?
  5. I have attempted to guilt trip them in the email for that. And I wasn't going to show the link because I felt I'd respect their confidence (I'm too nice). But the link is, but don't have a go at them, I guilt tripped http://www.bulletsoftware.com/page/swkotor.html And refuse you are completely right! Although, I have already sent them an email, and haven't yet found a cheaper seller (the american amazon ones won't ship lol) but I am sure it would be cheaper. Also, on their page you will see
  6. Thank you very much for clearing that up with me And I got a reply from them, this is rich, I swear they have a go at me: Many thanks for your email There has not been a UK edition of this game for over 2 years. The only game currently available is from the USA and we have to import them from the USA which is expensive for us. As you correctly point out, the US packaging is slightly larger then the old UK dvd cases. However, we (and everyone else) have only sold the US edition, for the last two years. It would be impossible for anyone to do anything else (until Lucas Arts manufacture more for the UK, which is unlikely at the moment). We would state "This is the genuine United Kingdom version - not a cheap import" for Knights of the Old Republic 2 which is still available. Hopefully, it is not written anywhere with Knights of the Old Republic 1. ((UM NO, IT IS ADVERTISED ON YOUR WEBSITE AS THAT)) We have sent you a coloured manual. Again, it is from an earlier US edition (about a year ago) all current manuals are black and white. There is no difference (other than the packaging) between the US and UK editions and as you can see from our feedback on Amazon and Ebay, no one has ever been unhappy with the game. ((They threaten me I swear there with reputation, when they are in the wrong)) However, If you are at all unhappy with the game we will refund it for you. Best regards Well I guess I will keep the game, but I still feel a bit annoyed at this... just the way they rant at me for asking the question. *sigh*
  7. Oh ok ^^ I just assumed that was the point of the different CDs, eg. US and UK. So US cds are then simply meant to work in the US, and UK in the UK?
  8. Ok well both versions seem to spell colour, color. So I guess I'm satisfied. The weird thing is, the way the manual and case have the same number and R1, but the cd has a slightly different one and no R1... I guess I can live with that ^^ Thank you guys for all your help - I guess both versions of the game are the same? So it shouldn't matter?
  9. Ok well - I realsied th defense thing later lol but... It definately is US. It says color. I am trying the save on my other computer which still has the UK version installed and the UK disc, but can't be reinstalled (scratched cd2). If it says colour, then I shall complain to them. Also, I didn't want the Best of PC, I just wanted Kotor, hence the not finding it in shops. And they did not specify if it would be UK or US on amazon, but it was amazon UK, and on their website they do say UK, but that is their website that only accepts paypal and is
  10. Not one that sold it no. Kotor 2 is a lot easier to find than Kotor 1. But thanks for the encouragement. T_T
  11. Words are spelt wrongly (my perspective). Eg. defense/ should be defence. It says R1. The box is similar to the American Best of Star Wars games thing and the other thick normal Kotor for USA. And something else I noticed in dialog earlier today but I thought nothing of it. I know it doesn't seem major but it means something to me... Could I comment on how the person was selling on amazon UK and therefore it should be assumed it is a UK version? Should I mention the website in conjunction? Do you think they can reseal products? I mean I have barely laid a hand on their game - I'd even been using my old play disc. (no, language isn't relevant to play disc, before you suggest that). :S
  12. Ok, if anyone is in UK: Please go to the character attributes page, does it say, DEFENCE, spelt in english? I can't test my old version as CD doesn't work, that's why I bought a new version. Now we've established that this is some weird (no offence) American version, do you think I could ask for a refund? I have opened it... Or I could ask for an exchange if they have a genuine english version? In my defence, they can't argue I didn't post it back asap as it's still a bank holiday before post starts again, so I guess I have a week from Tuesday, as I recieved it on Saturday, therefore posting on Saturday would have made no difference, if that makes sense... I know this forum isn't for advice completely but you guys are seriously my only hope :S I don't want to end up with 3 versions of the game. Am I allowed to claim that because the seller on their website says it's genuinely UK, and they are on the UK amazon that it is in my right to return it saying it was not what I was expecting? It is unsealed now but perfect condition and the two issues - manual, (but they said they would send me a spare in colour), and more importantly, american. :S I am chronicaly unlucky. I even got a debit card in debt once. I have a bad credit rating probably, of
  13. No I couldn't have. ^^ And I contacted the seller, I bought if of someone on amazon, BUT, they are part of a company and they have a big website etc. They said that it's what the new games all have, but the CDs do work well. They said they would send me a coloured manual because they have some they have collected over time there? Hmm, well... The game works, so I guess I'm happy... it was just weird with the manual and the case of the game being thick with a gold size as I've seen it think on the net but no gold... Oh, Darth Mortis, I'm in the UK. AND OMG, (sorry you saying that prompted me to check something) I've realised the R1 on the CDS must stand for region 1... that is SO annoying too. I feel like crying, I'm not being irrational but you don't understand the stress little things like to inflict on me. NOTHING ever goes smoothly. Eg. I bought Kotor twice, and so many problems... I bought Baldur's gate in duplicate for essentially every items and have issues. *takes a deep breath* Ok, so we've established it's American but I bought it off amazon.co.uk and on the seller's website they say "This is the genuine United Kingdom version - not a cheap import" - However I bought from that same seller linked to that shop with the same address, but on the amazon thing all it says is "FACTORY SEALED - DISPATCHED IMMEDIATELY BY FIRST CLASS POST (AIR MAIL IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE UNITED KINGDOM)". Should I have expected a UK version? Please help guys, I know this is not entirely relevant to Kotor 2 but I'm 17, just spent all my money buying the game, can't deal with business things like amazon and don't have a clue if I can ask for a refund etc. As I have opened it, but is it what I expected to order? T_T I really have to ask why nothing in my life ever runs smoothly. :S What do I do? :S
  14. Ok, I had a lot of issues with Kotor, so I rebought it and I recieved the game today. It was sealed, but it is in a box two times the normal DVD version. On the side, between the front and the back, it is gold. Inside, the manual is BLACK AND WHITE, and does not match the number on the CDs, unlike my old version did. Is it meant to be this way?! Please help me <3 ------------- Edit: I'm realyl sorry I just realised this was for Kotor 2. I just associated the forum with the whole Kotor plotline... I don't know how to delete this but if anyone could PM me if they do know as I need to know if I should try to return it or if it was meant to be this way (what concerns me is the manual).
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