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  1. Nothing screams min/max when numbers float up on the screen. The downside is, do you really want to play through the story without unlocking every NPCs backstory through the influence system? That's why I reload. I only played about 20 minutes of MotB before putting it down. I own a PS3 and even with its low game count there are currently more compelling titles I can play on my couch. I need a good reason to upgrade my video card and MotB isn't it yet.
  2. Hi guys, I've been a long time fan of your work. From your days at Interplay right up to NWN2 which I bought without question hoping you would deliver on the quality RPGs I am used to. What broke? Other than the heart of your customers. When you're doing interviews why don't you talk about the things that really concern us. I'll list a few and maybe you guys can respond to your customer base before it twindles into a mass that is only reachable by good marketing and no longer responsive to the quality you produced in the past: (1) Your games are either over ambitious or under ambit
  3. It is explained by the Jedi Masters if you play LS and meet them at Dantooine. The destruction at Malachor V involved the use of some sort of doomsday device. I forgot the name exactly. The echoes all of those force users dying caused many to turn to the dark side -- as if they became tainted by the Darkside of the force that brought on that destruction. Consequently, the Exile had a different reaction. Instead of giving into the darkside she lost her connection to the force. It took a traumatic experience to cause this. Most people in her place could not handle such a thing but she co
  4. Team Gizka and its finest. Always teasing people and never producing anything. I went to the threads and couldn't find it. When you guys feel like actually sharing let us know and we'll start caring.
  5. In a nutshell Nietszche's wrote that some people were naturally supermen (much like the Exile is a natural leader). Only his morality was spot on with Kreia. Weakness is evil to the superman (or superwoman).
  6. Everytime Kreia talks about Revan choosing dark/light based on what worked best for him or whenever she pushes the Exile to do things while looking beyond simple morality, I keep getting reminded of Nietzche's "Beyond Good and Evil." Especially the concept of the Superman who had the master morality. Has anyone from Obsidian Entertainment -- especially Mr. Avellone, mentioned Nietzche as an influence?
  7. Chances are Obsidian will end up like Troika. I'm not saying this to sound mean but by the looks of things they are following the same pattern. They release an incomplete product and blame the publisher. I hope for our sakes I'm wrong.
  8. Hi, Having purchased KOTOR2 and finished it once, I was very disappointed with the plotholes, unfinished ending, and the quality of the sound and movies. Obsidian, I and others have been very patient. I went off and played other games and checked your website every once in a while. I see that the so-called content patch has not been released. You probably expect us to forget but bear in mind we're the same people who are potential customers for your other RPGs. As it stands now you've done nothing to win our trust back, nor have you provided any updates on the status of the content
  9. Carth didn't die in KotOR1. I've played it through many times as a dark-sider and each time he runs off up the hill from the beach. You can kill Carth in KOTOR1 if you play DS. In fact I've seen screenshots were Bastilla says something to the effect of: "The fool is dead." Whether Revan turned Dark or Light in KOTOR1 doesn't change the fact that he followed the perverted teachings of the Sith. He was NOT a Sith ever. The real Sith haven't made an appearance yet in the KOTOR series.
  10. Framebuffer effect? My Nvidia 5900 FX supports it fine.
  11. Hi Obsidian, I'd like my patch now. kthanx.
  12. Please don't make him more challenging. It's bad enough people can't read now they want to change the way the game is. I don't mind incomplete parts being added back but don't mess with the core game. There's a reason Nihilus was easy. If you bothered to read the in-game dialogue you would understand.
  13. No, it only proves that the spongy mass you have for a brain is too inert to comprehend even basic sentences. I could go on insulting you, but I'm afraid my time is being wasted since you appear to have lost the ability to understand and reply in a coherent manner. Or perhaps you never had that ability to begin with and you have been having your dog write your posts for you, which would indeed explain quite a few things. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What exactly is your problem? Please stop acting malicious like this. In one thread you claimed we were the reason the forums were goin
  14. What are you smoking? Do you have any idea what customer retention is? Do you understand the difference between selling snake oil and selling a real product people will come back to? You think OE wants to lose customers when they have anywhere from 2-10 games left in their lifetime? Are you this ignorant? Go on. Argue some more. It won't help. I'm an unsatisified customer and I'm guessing their customer satisfaction can be rated in the low %30. I would lose my job as an executive if the Customer Service VP came back with those kind of numbers.
  15. Actually I have in the past. I've written the author and the publishing house. If they had a forum where they expected to foster a community I would send my complaints there as well. You might think your response is really smart and intelligent but here's the deal: (a) I'm not buying another OE game until they fix this mess. That's right Mr. Urquhart and Mr. Avellone. Get as upset as you will -- YOU SCREWED THIS ONE UP. (b) I won't in anyway be turned away by threats of "look guys we need to make a living so stop giving us a hard time on our own forums." YOU setup these forums. YOU
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